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  1. We learned that localization maintains a function over all
  2. possible places where a road might be,
  3. where each cell has an associated probability value.
  4. The measurement update function, or "sense," is nothing else but a product
  5. in which we take those probability values and multiply them up or down
  6. depending on the exact measurement.
  7. Because the product might violate the fact that probabilities add up to 1,
  8. there was a product followed by normalization.
  9. Motion was a convolution.
  10. This word itself might sound cryptic, but what it really means is
  11. for each possible location after the motion, we reverse engineered the situation
  12. and guessed where the world might have come from
  13. and then collected, we added, the corresponding probabilities.
  14. Something as simple as multiplication and addition solves all of localization
  15. and is the foundation for autonomous driving.
  16. I want to spend a few minutes and go over the formal definition of localization.
  17. I'm going to introduce probability and ask you lots of questions.