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  1. How do we solve this problem? Well, there's two objects we really care about--the two masses.
  2. The pulley we're largely ignoring--the only purpose of the pulley
  3. is to redirect where this rope is going.
  4. Well, two objects means we have to do two diagrams. Let's think of M₁ first.
  5. Well, of course, there's weight going downwards. Every object has its M₁g.
  6. But then the rope is also providing a force and that force is called tension.
  7. Now remember we're dealing with the case where M₂ >> M₁.
  8. So I want to know what's the relationship between this weight
  9. force going downwards and this tension force.
  10. Are these M₁g = FT? Is the M₁g > FT? Or is the M₁g < FT?
  11. So what do you think is the correct answer.