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  1. If these walls are buzzing,
  2. it's because there's a hive inside.
  3. A rather bizarre swarm of teachers
    and students
  4. searching for harmony.
  5. Ready to switch their roles.
  6. - I demand excellence!
  7. - Selem, I know that you set
    a very high bar,
  8. but it's hard for us!
  9. - Yeah, I know!
  10. A new state of equilibrium,
  11. for another language.
  12. You might think this is a circus, but
  13. in fact it's a senior high school,
    born of a crazy idea.
  14. Here, at Saint Nazaire,
  15. France's first experimental senior high
    is 27 years old today.
  16. A free, public school,
    quite unlike any other.
  17. - Coffee!
  18. Coffee, just like at home.
  19. It's 8:30 on a Monday morning
  20. It's the first admin meeting
    for a group
  21. that will be in charge of daily
    management for the next two weeks
  22. At the table, no Principal, no
    head of education, no secretaries.
  23. - We're taking decisive action
  24. Here, teachers and students
    decide on everything together
  25. and take their responsibilities
    in turns
  26. - Kitchens: Manuella, Yannick, Maxime,
    Tristan, Aurore, Freddy, and Chirme.
  27. While the others go to class,
  28. some twenty students and three members
    of the education team,
  29. like Joel, allocate duties.
  30. - Manon, Anthony, Teunevé, Joel...
  31. - Don't forget my present at
    the end of the fortnight,
  32. it'll be my last one at
    the experimental senior high.
  33. Joel remembers the college's beginnings,
    and will be retiring this year.
  34. Yet he still has that same energy,
  35. and he really needs it.
  36. - Hello, Lycée Expérimental.
  37. Of course there's the school office:
  38. Answering the phone, sorting
    mail, the budget.
  39. But also the Kasbah, the
    school cafeteria.
  40. The canteen, cleaning, maintenance,
    and even the documentation office,
  41. which produces the school paper.
    And it's not always easy.
  42. - Hello, Lycée Expérimental.
  43. This time, 18 year old Teunevé
    passes the call on to Joel
  44. - Joel, could you take this
    call please?
  45. - It's a girl who's giving books...
  46. - Hullo?
  47. People prefer to speak to staff
  48. Quite often.
  49. Because... yes, I didn't want
    to answer her
  50. because they prefer to speak
    to more responsible people
  51. who know how to answer their
    questions better.
  52. Does that annoy you a little?
  53. Um, let's say they're
    not used to that.
  54. Anyway, she was being nice
    the whole time on the phone
  55. but that can happen.
  56. I remember a few times
    saying to myself,
  57. "One day I'll have a boss. What will
    I say to them?
  58. "How will I behave around them?
    I'll be afraid, but
  59. I'll know how to speak around them".
  60. This helps me to be confident
  61. with people higher up than me
    in society.
  62. - Bills, bills, bills...
  63. In two weeks, there'll be
    a new administration
  64. so it'll be important to have
    an efficient handover.
  65. We don't avoid much, sometimes there are mistakes.
  66. But, well, we realized over 25 years that we
  67. don't make more errors than one central administration
  68. I say, it's a question of taking control,
  69. it's really taking control of where you are
  70. not simply being visitors.
  71. So we have to have a premise, which is
  72. to say that the teachers and the students
  73. have the same rights.
  74. Everyone on equal footing and each with
  75. a reason to be at the high school.
  76. The teachers looking for another way of teaching.
  77. Some students gave up, others simply reject
  78. the traditional system.
  79. I could easily have stayed in traditional
  80. high school, I had good grades.
  81. I think I would have graduated and all that.
  82. But I was still frustrated at the level of thinking.
  83. Every time I wanted to start a debate,
  84. there was always a, "No no no, no debate in class."
  85. For me, it really didn't motivate me
  86. to come to be sitting, listening without
  87. ultimately doing anything.
  88. I was a part of the slackers,
  89. who didn't do anything, who did shit.
  90. They asked me what I wanted to do,
  91. and I answered rather the artistic environment.
  92. So they proposed vocational school,
  93. for jewelry, something, well,
  94. it was just bogus.
  95. I told them that it was dumb and not at
  96. all what I wanted to do.
  97. How do we teach without this authority,
  98. without this idea of consequence:
  99. "If you don't work you'll be punished,"
  100. "If you mess around you'll be punished,"
  101. "If you don't learn you'll have such-and-such grade,"
  102. How do we teach without that?
  103. How, indeed, is what we came to ask them.
  104. At experimental high school, we don't
  105. talk of classes, but of workshops.
  106. Workshops proposed by the students, and
  107. this time, the students wanted to dance
  108. the tango.
  109. For two weeks, they're going to dedicate
  110. all their mornings to it,
  111. for the students to get used to it.
  112. Nathalie is an arts teacher,
  113. and I'm an economics teacher, but they know
  114. that I know how to dance the tango,
  115. so here I am!
  116. - So?
  117. - Great!
  118. - Great?
  119. - So now here it is, and there we let go!
  120. So, it's great, but for the seeing, we have
  121. to be very attentive.
  122. So, the seeing become the blind.
  123. Who is blind now?
  124. For the moment, we play at blind and seeing
  125. to build confidence.
  126. Dueling bodies, nagging melancholy,
  127. This dance has obviously inspired the
  128. students. Many of them chose this workshop
  129. from among the 8 proposed.
  130. -I never learned to dance, so why not,
  131. it's always a novelty.
  132. There's a whole history of listening,
  133. of respecting each other, and then it's
  134. the body, you can't leave out the body,
  135. it's very important.
  136. In the end, the knowledge, it's also knowing
  137. how to manage one's body, we don't
  138. have any introverted teens here
  139. for example.
  140. No.
  141. It's unheard of, huh.
  142. Here we can have our passions be important
  143. but in a traditional high school it's just
  144. an elective.
  145. I want to go to theatre school, train to
  146. be a comedian, and I really want to dance,
  147. to learn the tango. Because I don't have
  148. to take the BAC.
  149. Because here the BAC isn't a goal in itself.
  150. Everyone freely determines their project.
  151. But for those who have decided to take
  152. the exam, they have to follow more classic
  153. courses.
  154. It seems you have you question to ask?
  155. I forgot the 8 at home,
  156. so I can't do the 2.
  157. Unless I start all over.
  158. Well, that's what you're going to do then.
  159. Tenevée has escaped the office to work at
  160. her complex numbers.
  161. With one teacher for 4 students,
  162. it's almost a private class.
  163. Everyone does what they can, there you go.
  164. If the idea is that not everyone marches
  165. in step at the same rhythm,
  166. it means that sometimes some people will
  167. go faster than others, and we have to
  168. take that into account.
  169. So here we have Maxime, who would be in
  170. 11th grade normally, here he does the 12th
  171. grade program. There are other students
  172. who are in 11th grade who are finishing
  173. the 10th grade program.
  174. It's true that we work for ourselves and
  175. not depending on homework that we
  176. get the night before.
  177. And even if it isn't very conclusive, well
  178. I'll say that I have a lot of trouble
  179. getting myself to work at home.
  180. But we understand the classes much better.
  181. Sometimes difficult to work for oneself,
  182. without report cards,
  183. without mandatory attendance.
  184. Mandatory on the other hand,
  185. this monitoring group.
  186. A little committee where we talk without
  187. fuss, where everyone takes stock.
  188. At the start of the year, you arrive,
  189. you say, "Oh, I'll do this, it'll be great"
  190. and you have this monitoring group with
  191. people you talk to, which lets you see
  192. if you really did it or if you were
  193. burying your head in the sand from the start.
  194. - Salomé!
  195. Salomé who this morning didn't get up,
  196. will not escape.
  197. -You didn't catch up on your sleep this
  198. weekend, you missed sleep this weekend.
  199. You went to the club,
  200. you know that you go to the club on
  201. the weekend, but you also know that you
  202. have to be in workshop on Monday morning.
  203. -I'm not going to stay at home all weekend
  204. being bored to death.
  205. -That's not what I said.
  206. The monitoring group can be worse than
  207. having grades especially, for example,
  208. you don't do anything for a good time,
  209. you come back saying,
  210. "Oh, well, me... I didn't do anything."
  211. So everyone did something but you, and
  212. you feel a bit obliged to do something.
  213. Soon, the end of the day,
  214. but before leaving, this broom workshop,
  215. or, the group in charge of cleaning.
  216. In his overalls, Joel is not to be outdone.
  217. We do an angled intellectual work,
  218. between the management and the teaching
  219. so to clean after, it's a time to release
  220. tension where we can, a moment to forget
  221. our job, but that doesn't prevent
  222. that 15 minutes later, in the classroom,
  223. the students finds himself in the position
  224. of student, and the teacher in the
  225. position of teacher. And there we really
  226. question again what is authority?
  227. In the good sense of the word.
  228. The education team is present more than
  229. 35 hours a week between these walls, and
  230. sometimes, like Aurore, after closing.
  231. There, I'm going to get the basket of
  232. organic vegetables with Tristan.