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  1. So here's one way to solve the quiz; we're going to create a dictionary
  2. called Population, and then we'll add some cities to it. We'll add Shanghai,
  3. has population 17.8 million. Istanbul has population
  4. 13.3 million. Karachi has population 13 million, and
  5. Mumbai has population 12.5. I'm also going to add my home town,
  6. which is Charlottesville, and the population of Charlottesville is pretty small
  7. compared to Shanghai. It is 0.043 million people. Only 43,000. So now we've
  8. created our dictionary. We've populated it with some entries. We can print those
  9. out. So if we look at the value of population of Shanghai,
  10. that will get that entry in the dictionary, and we can see that we get the
  11. result 17.8; we can also print out the
  12. population of Charlottesville, and we get the result 0.043