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  1. Before we get back to the router, let's do a quick exercise on temporal checks.
  2. I've defined four events here and I will emit them in some checking code. I
  3. want you to define two temporal checks. The first one should be called check_1
  4. and it needs to check the following condition. Once the a1 event is emitted, it
  5. needs to be followed by the b2 effect. Again, the clk should be the default
  6. something event for this expression, and if it fails, please use this as the
  7. error string. The second temporal check should be called check_2 and it needs
  8. to check that, three clock cycles after the c3 event is emitted that needs to
  9. be a default event. Again, clock should be the sampling event. As a reminder,
  10. the temporal repeat operator is square brackets number times temporal
  11. expression. If this sequence fails, please use this as the error string.