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  1. (bright piano music)

  2. - Hey everybody, I am
    joined by the Try Guys.
  3. - [Everyone] Yeah!
  4. - So tell my audience about--
  5. - Yeah!
  6. - Ah respect us!
  7. - So tell my audience a little bit about
  8. who you are and what
    you do on your channel?
  9. - We are the Try Guys,
    we are four best friends
  10. that try things outside
    of our comfort zone.
  11. And we recently left
    Buzzfeed earlier this year
  12. to start an independent
    company and a new channel.
  13. - Yeah!
  14. So check out all links in the description,
  15. we did a video over there.
  16. You'll have to go and look at their thing.
  17. I think it's very funny.
  18. I enjoy all of your content.
  19. And I always will remember
    you as the glitter beardmen.
  20. - We wore the glitter
    breads three streamies ago.
  21. - That was my very first streamies.
  22. - That was our first.
  23. - And so how do you balance
    being friends and working.
  24. Do you ever hangout and not work?
  25. - Actually yeah, we hang
    out a lot, perhaps too much
  26. because--
  27. - But do we not work?
  28. - Yeah there's time where we don't work.
  29. - Sometimes.
  30. - But we certainly talk about work.
  31. - A lot.
  32. - Pretty frequently.
  33. When we started as coworkers,
    who became friends,
  34. so talking about work made sense
  35. because that was our relationship.
  36. And even as we did friend
    things, went on vacations,
  37. of course like we're
    social people so making,
  38. I mean it's kinda work
    to post an Instagram,
  39. even if it's really fun and
    gratifying and on your own.
  40. - I guess I'd be curious
    to get your perspective
  41. because yeah we do a lot,
  42. like Keith and I go on vacations together,
  43. Ned and I have hung out and
    watched football, or Eugene.
  44. Like all we all do
    stuff in different pairs
  45. but also we have a group thread
    and we are texting nonstop
  46. and the lines are blurred.
  47. It's like, we're talking
    about something funny,
  48. we're ragging on each other,
  49. and then we're talking about
    a project and then we're back.
  50. It never stops.
  51. - So there's like no boundary between?
  52. - Not a hard line.
  53. - Should there be?
  54. - No, there doesn't have to be,
  55. but I was just curious
    if you're ever able,
  56. cause we talked on your
    channel about like burnout
  57. and then taking breaks.
  58. So I'm curious if there's ever like a time
  59. where you're like, no no, this isn't work,
  60. this is us just hanging out.
  61. - Yeah, yeah we do that.
  62. - And I think it's best
    when we have an activity
  63. that we're like involved in,
    that you can't be working
  64. and doing at the same time.
  65. Like even us just playing Smash Brothers,
  66. like you get lost in a video game
  67. and then you're not
    thinking about a due date
  68. of anything you're working on,
  69. you're just hanging out.
  70. - We all like to Palm Springs together,
  71. over the summer, and we
    specifically designed it
  72. as like a retreat.
  73. - Oh so no work?
  74. - Minimal, minimal work.
  75. - We were gonna film a video called
  76. the Barkchler in Purradise.
  77. - Purradise.
  78. - Purradise.
  79. - Where we were gonna go on
    romantic dates with our dogs,
  80. each other's dogs.
  81. - I like that.
  82. - You get it.
  83. - But then we were like,
    maybe we should just relax.
  84. - Chill out.
  85. - So we really ended up filming nothing.
  86. It was nice.
  87. - Okay, cool.
  88. - You did spend the first night editing.
  89. - Fuck, you're right.
  90. (everyone laughs)
  91. - But it was cause the video was due.
  92. - Nothing's happening on
    the first night, you know.
  93. - It was my ease in.
  94. - So is it easy for you to shut it off
  95. or it sounds like it's kinda difficult.
  96. - No no no no no.
  97. - Yeah I would say it's difficult.
  98. - Well like it never shuts off, right?
  99. - Of course, I totally understand.
  100. - The world never stops moving,
  101. the content never stops needing to be out,
  102. so yeah it's hard for us to turn it off
  103. because if we turn it off,
  104. then something's not getting done.
  105. - Cause I like it, I
    don't want to shut it off.
  106. - So part of it's fun.
  107. - Of course, that's why we got into it,
  108. we liked it.
  109. You created it, so it meant
    that you wanted to do it.
  110. It wasn't, I don't think like forced you,
  111. you were like, no I think--
  112. - No quite the opposite.
  113. I don't think they wanted us to.
  114. - They didn't want us to do it.
  115. - You don't think?
  116. - I don't think so.
  117. - Well it turned out okay.
  118. - Eventually they did want us to do it,
  119. but not the way we did it.
  120. Anyway.
  121. - Truly.
  122. - So the last six months have
    been, or seven months I guess,
  123. have been kinda a lot?
  124. You could say?
  125. - Yeah, every time you like
    pass a bench mark or something,
  126. or you think your past
    whatever was stressful,
  127. there's a lot of new
    stressors waiting for you.
  128. - Totally.
  129. - And we also wanted the
    company to be a company
  130. that the people who work for
    us, wanted to work for us.
  131. So it was fun but were also rewarded.
  132. So like, and then making a
    salary position for people here,
  133. getting health insurance for people here.
  134. - Wow.
  135. - Try to get a 401 K plan for people here.
  136. - You have health insurance?
  137. Can I be a Try Gal?
  138. - Yeah.
  139. - I mean, we can envelope you, sure.
  140. - Perfect.
  141. - You know, it's an interesting challenge
  142. that we went through was
    that we were starting over,
  143. totally from scratch, but
    also with the momentum
  144. of four years behind us.
  145. - Yeah.
  146. - Right, so we wanted and kind of had to,
  147. just hit the ground running
    and continue where we were.
  148. We didn't want our videos to miss a step.
  149. We didn't want the quality to dip.
  150. We wanted the quantity to increase.
  151. Also, we're totally starting
    over, with nothing, so--
  152. - Yeah.
  153. But your channel's like blown up.
  154. - It's done great.
  155. - People have followed you.
  156. - Yeah!
  157. - And a lot of hard work went
    into making that seamless.
  158. - I definitely, even personally,
    can understand the like,
  159. there's always another
    stressor. like I really connect
  160. with that cause I've been telling myself,
  161. with the launch of my book,
    I just need to get through
  162. that week, and then I'm good.
  163. And then I'm already like,
    next week's already filling up.
  164. I'm like, just gotta
    get through that week,
  165. and then it'd be good.
  166. And I think that's,
    like what we talk about
  167. on your channel is like burnout,
  168. and have you noticed
    in the past six months,
  169. like are there certain symptoms
  170. that you all can pick
    out from one another,
  171. where you're like, he's
    having a shitty time,
  172. he's feeling burnt.
  173. - Yeah and I think our
    signs are very different
  174. with what we're getting stressed.
  175. I think we can all say we
    know what Eugene's are,
  176. and that's typically because--
  177. - What are Eugene's?
  178. - Well he doesn't sleep.
  179. He doesn't sleep because he
    works very, very, very hard,
  180. and like his work is amazing,
    and it's super great,
  181. but sometimes it's at
    cost of his own health
  182. and fatigue, and then he's
    a little more irritable
  183. which makes sense because he hasn't slept.
  184. - You're not sleeping, yeah.
  185. - We all get cranky.
  186. There's totally, we all have our--
  187. - Irritability across the board.
  188. - Yeah I think we all get irritable.
  189. Yeah I noticed Eugene especially I think,
  190. do you mind me speaking
    about your stressors?
  191. - You wanna speak about
    your own stressors?
  192. It's totally up to you.
  193. - Sure I can say something.
  194. I hold a lot of stuff in
    and I tend to be observant,
  195. and then when I, because
    of maybe my upbringing,
  196. I don't talk about my problems.
  197. So it explodes, and it will explode.
  198. - Yeah.
  199. And I've had to balance like,
  200. I think aside from The Try
    Guys, like three other jobs
  201. at the same time.
  202. And that's hard cause I'll
    stay up memorizing an audition,
  203. or I'll be having to write another show,
  204. and I think on average I've pulled
  205. like two all nighters
    every week this year.
  206. So because I'm also
    responsible for Try Guys stuff,
  207. so then I let it out on them
  208. cause they've sort of become my therapist.
  209. - Of course, and they're the
    closest to you, we tend to-
  210. - So yeah, I will literally,
    but I have to dramatize it
  211. cause as someone who doesn't
    talk, I will be like,
  212. (serious tone) I need to talk.
  213. And then I'll have like
    a full mental break down
  214. in front of them.
  215. - Like a melt down, yeah.
  216. - Instead of letting it seep healthily out
  217. in different areas, I'll
    like make it an event,
  218. and they're like, oh Eugene's a time bomb.
  219. But yeah, I time bomb it,
    and that's probably not
  220. the most healthy way to do it.
  221. - But I'm glad you get it out, at all.
  222. - Sure.
  223. - And I'm fine you letting it out on us,
  224. because I would rather
    you let it out on people
  225. who know how to handle
    it and deal with it,
  226. than like a fan.
  227. - Yeah because we go through
    very similar stressors.
  228. - Totally.
  229. - A lot of shared stress.
  230. - Yeah, yeah I went
    through a lot this year.
  231. - He had a theory where he was like,
  232. well a cup can only overflow once,
  233. so I'm just gonna keep
    dumping water into it,
  234. and I'll do all the
    stressful things at once,
  235. and then you can only be so stressed.
  236. - Dump two pitchers of water on my face.
  237. - I like it in theory, I don't
    know how it was in practice.
  238. - Yeah, it worked.
  239. - Are we still dumping?
  240. - And literally I could only be stressed
  241. about one of those four
    things at any given time,
  242. so you know like, now it's pretty good.
  243. - Are we still dumping
    into this overflowing cup?
  244. - No, the house is pretty much done,
  245. baby's sleeping through the night, like--
  246. - I'm dope.
  247. - Well we're out.
  248. - You know I think I know
    everyone's stressors,
  249. now that I think of it.
  250. - Yeah, let's do it.
  251. - I would say Ned, because
    he had so much dumping in
  252. at one time, with the child especially,
  253. and the new house and the business,
  254. he chose to fixate on one
    aspect of our business,
  255. which was the business.
  256. So Ned let a lot of his stress
  257. I think essentially
    permeate through anything
  258. that had to deal with numbers essentially.
  259. - Okay.
  260. - Like Ned is extremely numbers oriented,
  261. which is very good because we're not.
  262. - Yeah I'm not.
  263. You need one person that is.
  264. - So it's interesting
    cause Ned stressors I think
  265. we're very clearly validated
    because something was figured,
  266. not figuratively, figure-driven--
  267. - Yes.
  268. - So it was a figure-driven
    stress, you know?
  269. - Yeah.
  270. - Like it was very clear
    that there's a reason.
  271. - If someone was like
    taking money from us,
  272. or we were overpaying for something,
  273. or someone was like charging more,
  274. I would just get pissed.
  275. - And Ned would let it out.
  276. - Put all his energy into it.
  277. - He was not gonna let
    anybody take advantage of us,
  278. which was great.
  279. - You need someone like that,
  280. cause a lot of YouTubers
    have been taken advantage of,
  281. a lot of entrepreneurs
    are taken advantage of.
  282. - The way I know that
    Ned is stressed is that
  283. he puts on his noise canceling headphones
  284. and tries his best.
  285. Oh yeah, this?
  286. I've seen this.
  287. That's when he's really stressed.
  288. Ned gets in this place sometimes
  289. where he's like, I don't
    want to talk to anybody,
  290. get away from me, I just have to work.
  291. And that's when I know like,
    alright, he's in his place.
  292. But I've totally seen, I
    have videos on my phone
  293. of Ned--
  294. - Of him just--
  295. - At lunch, full on--
  296. - Shutting down.
  297. - In his, yeah.
  298. I forgot about that.
  299. - I think Zach's--
  300. - I curl up into a little ball.
  301. - Yeah, I wanna hear, I wanna hear.
  302. - I think Zach's kind of like the opposite
  303. of how I deal with stuff.
  304. Zach's, so if I'm an
    explosion of a balloon,
  305. his is just a constant bzz.
  306. - Yeah, Zach is like--
  307. - So it's good because
    it keeps us in check.
  308. - Diarrhea mouth.
  309. - Yeah but usually like checkpoints,
  310. like either every day, or midday,
  311. he'll just like (sighs),
    just a deep sigh and be like,
  312. "Guys, guys I think we just like,
  313. do you have a moment, can we talk?"
  314. And it's just always
    like a, let's talk about
  315. what's stressing me out,
    what's stressing us out.
  316. - Yeah, it's like he'll be talking,
  317. but he won't actually be saying anything.
  318. - He's just talking in circles.
  319. - And his hair gets increasingly frayed.
  320. - And then he ends that like,
  321. you know what, I think I just
    figured out my problem, okay.
  322. - Yeah, I'm that way too.
  323. - And he'll actually solve
    his problem through talking it
  324. to us, he'll be like, I
    just, I got it, nevermind.
  325. Don't even talk to me.
  326. - We were supposed to
    film an Olympics video,
  327. ancient Olympics where we
    were gonna be naked competing,
  328. and they neglected to tell
    us that they also had like--
  329. - A children's soccer game.
  330. - Like yeah, a rec game.
  331. So we're like, in robes and nothing else,
  332. and we're like, there are
    kids running around here.
  333. What the hell, guys?
  334. And they're like, oh no
    you guys do you're thing.
  335. I'm like, we can't do our thing.
  336. - [Katie] There's children here.
  337. - We're gonna get arrested.
  338. - We've paid for a crew,
    we've scheduled the date,
  339. we traveled half an hour to get here.
  340. - And then--
  341. - We're very explicit
    with what we were doing.
  342. - Yeah.
  343. - We were like, you
    guys are cool with that?
  344. - Our site rep sent another
    messenger to tell us,
  345. we had to leave, and I was
    like, no, we need to talk
  346. to the guy that was the site rep.
  347. I don't know who the fuck you are.
  348. You're not in charge of me.
  349. Get me the real person.
  350. - [Katie] Get me the person.
  351. - Meanwhile I was like
    putting suntan lotion
  352. on like my bits.
  353. - Yeah it was interesting because the way
  354. in which we're discussing our
    sort of release of stress,
  355. that expression, is
    many times complimentary
  356. or even like inverse,
  357. to what our general, outward demeanor is.
  358. - Totally.
  359. - And I wonder if that's
    psychologically true
  360. across the board because
    like Keith is known as
  361. the friendliest person,
    but when he releases
  362. something like that, he
    becomes the most like,
  363. formidable foe.
  364. I'm known as a very stoic
    person and sort of like--
  365. - You're definitely the most quiet.
  366. - Visually scary and quiet.
  367. But when I let things out,
    I'm like an emotional nutcase.
  368. Like I become like Meryl Streep
    in every film she's been in.
  369. - Well I always think it's
    kind of like goes back,
  370. and this is a funny saying
    to even weave into this,
  371. but like what they say,
  372. "soberness conceals, drunkenness reveals,"
  373. and it's like, we all have
    this persona we put on, right,
  374. in a way that we're supposed be.
  375. And you all play, even
    though you are very much
  376. the same in real like, just so you know,
  377. as you are on your channel,
    but you definitely play up
  378. your own personalities cause you each have
  379. your own individual
    feeling on the channel,
  380. and like persona, but I
    think we all have that,
  381. that we put up in the
    world, everybody does,
  382. and that's just our best foot forward,
  383. whatever we think that looks like.
  384. - Right.
  385. - Yeah.
  386. - Based on what we've been taught.
  387. And then everybody's got
    like the crazy side to them,
  388. that like loses their
    shit, or like shuts down.
  389. - The evil twin that hides inside of you.
  390. - Yeah.
  391. I can definitely be that way.
  392. Like, you can push me so
    far and I'll play it cool.
  393. I'll be super nice.
  394. And then all of the sudden,
    I'm like, nope, that's too far.
  395. And then I'm like, this
    personal gnome comes out.
  396. - I wanna see the scary version of you,
  397. I would love that.
  398. - You would have to really threaten me.
  399. - Is it Katie with an E at the end?
  400. - And like, rage.
  401. - Has anyone ever done
    a drunk therapy session?
  402. - No, I haven't, that
    would be kind of funny.
  403. - That should be the next video.
  404. - That should be the next video.
  405. - Pretty good video.
  406. - But you have to get drunk too.
  407. - Yeah, that would be really funny,
  408. who knows what I would say.
  409. - Everyone's gonna be bad
    at what they're doing.
  410. - Who knows what I would say.
  411. - Yeah.
  412. Katie with an E will come out.
  413. - I just imagine her being like,
  414. you and you, stop being little bitches.
  415. - You're fucked up beyond repair.
  416. No therapy.
  417. - Honestly drunk therapy is a great show.
  418. - It's all in your mind.
  419. - Let's write that down.
  420. Let's write that down, drunk therapy.
  421. - I honestly, we're gonna
    maybe bring you back.
  422. I think that's our new series.
  423. - I would totally do that.
  424. - Yeah.
  425. - In the evening.
  426. - You know thing I've
    been trying to exercise,
  427. which is kind of new for me,
  428. but maybe I just, because
    of how I am with my sisters,
  429. it was a tactic.
  430. I don't know if you guys
    been noticing recently,
  431. I'll lead with compliments.
  432. - Oh yeah.
  433. - So I'll be like--
  434. - It's so helpful.
  435. - It's a hug and roll.
  436. - I'm always like, look
    at this thumbnail, uh!
  437. Oh dude your edit, amazing, fantastic.
  438. And then I go, if you
    want, maybe like trim that.
  439. - Yeah.
  440. - And then usually
    that's taken almost like
  441. it's a little sugar.
  442. - I also don't like lie
    when I say I like something.
  443. - No, I call it a hug and roll.
  444. - It's like, you gonna use that thumbnail?
  445. I thought the thumbnail was fantastic.
  446. Yeah it was great.
  447. But that's kind of something I feel like
  448. we could do a little more of.
  449. - You could totally because
    then people are warmed up.
  450. - Yeah.
  451. - I call it the hug and roll.
  452. In relationships, like if
    someone falls asleep on your arm,
  453. you hug them close and
    then kind of roll away.
  454. - So we're just trying to roll right now,
  455. we're not hugging enough.
  456. - Yeah, you're just rolling.
  457. You're actually like pushing
    kind of, there was no hug.
  458. - That's cuddling.
  459. - I would like to choke and push.
  460. (everyone laughs)
  461. - I just wanna be choked.
  462. - It sounds like, like
    you know the talking stick
  463. in elementary school?
  464. - Yeah.
  465. - We should get a chef hat.
  466. - Oh, totally.
  467. - We got a meeting, we
    just put the chef's hat on.
  468. - Who has the chef hat.
  469. - That way the person who's
    talking about how upset they are
  470. also looks ridiculous.
  471. (everyone laughs)
  472. - I'm like kind of serious.
  473. - So when you said that this,
  474. this was a problem.
  475. I was like, it's not a problem.
  476. - And all I'm see is,
    herdy derdy derdy der.
  477. - Exactly.
  478. - We'll take a photo of that
    for you on our next video.
  479. - I can't wait.
  480. I can't wait.
  481. - Yeah yeah yeah.
  482. - But thank you guys for being
    open to talking about things.
  483. And hopefully some of
    that was helpful to you.
  484. And check out their channel.
  485. We did a video over
    there, all about burnout.
  486. I know a lot of people
    are talking about that.
  487. We talk about not only
    their experiences with it,
  488. my experience, but how it
    can effect you as well.
  489. Thanks.
  490. Thank you guys.
  491. - I think we should hug and roll out.
  492. - Hug and roll.
  493. (bright piano music)
  494. - How are we gonna do this?
  495. - Group hug.
  496. - [Everyone] Hug.
  497. - We are all amazing people.
  498. - [Everyone] And roll.
  499. - I rolled this way.
  500. - Goo goo gaa.
  501. - [Katie] I rolled this way.
  502. - I didn't want to knock
    over the poinsettias.
  503. - Oh no, I rolled into the camera.
  504. - Ned, no!
  505. - Choke and push.
  506. - [Katie] (laughs) Choke and push!