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  1. One common measure of affect size, when comparing means, is Cohen's d. Named
  2. after the statistition Jacob Cohen. Cohen's d is a standardized mean difference
  3. that measures the distance between 2 means in standard deviation units. In
  4. other words, instead of dividing by standard error. We simply divide by the
  5. standard deviation of the sample. We can think of it like this, we have our
  6. sample, let's just say it's normally distributed. And here's the sample mean,
  7. and the standard deviation of our sample is S. Now let's say we have some
  8. population mean out here. How many S's fit between x-bar and the mean? The
  9. larger Cohen's d is, the further x-bar is from mu-not, in terms of the sample
  10. standard deviation. So, go ahead and calculate Cohen's d for this example.