Teaser "Where can we live?"

Teaser "Where can we live?"

Teaser for the documentary "Where can we live? --about being electrohypersensitive" Full length: 45 min.

During three years we followed two young women afflicted by EHS.
They both have families with young children.

Lisa has left town and her economy studies and concentrates on getting stronger and healthier.

Linn is a computer engineer and she eventually moves away from the capital to a new job and a new kind of life in the countryside.

Producer, director: Hélène Aastrup-Samuels
Photo: Erik Strömdahl, Ulrika Östling, Hélène Aastrup-Samuels
Editor: Stefan Dahlström
Composer original music: Micael Hermansen
Music mix: Örjan Strandberg
Sound mix: Vision&Sound
Produced by EIRA FILM with the support of
Film Gävleborg
Gunvor Sandströms kulturfond
SVT Mellansverige
Reaktor Sydost
Mittuniversitetet, Institution of Health Sciences
Inst of Rehabilitation Sciences
The Swedish Association for the ElectroHyperSensitives


© EIRA FILM 2011

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