ANXIETY! --- WHAT'S GOING ON? - Eating Disorder Video #31

ANXIETY! --- WHAT'S GOING ON? - Eating Disorder Video #31
I created this video due to some questions that I received from one of my subscribers. She was wondering how to manage anxiety around food. I know that this is something that all of us struggle with from time to time, and I know that many of us will struggle with this throughout our recovery. I encourage you to leave any feedback about what works for you or things that you have used to help manage this!
The first tip that I want to give is to pick "safer" foods when you know that you will be around people or situations that make you extremely anxious. I know that many dietitians would disagree, but as long as you are following your meal plan, I think that it is appropriate to pick something easier at a time like that. We don't want to set ourselves up for failure when we are working so hard to get better.
The second tip is to monitor your anxiety level. 0 being without any anxiety and 10 being so overwhelming that you could scream. When you anxiety begins to climb, maybe around a 5 or 6, use your tools. Call that friend who is so supportive and knows just what to say to help you feel calm, or put on that relaxing music mix that you have created. Just breathe and take your time, give your body time to calm down and for you to reengage.
The last tip is to talk with people at dinner instead of disassociating. I know it is tempting to shut down, isolate, and just get through the meal, but try to keep engaged. You can use your five senses to keep yourself present. What do you smell or hear? Try to use as many of your sense as you need until you feel yourself in the chair and can engage with those you are eating with. It can also help to have a question that you always ask. Like "how was your day?" or "what are your plans for the weekend?" Asking a question that requires more than a yes or no answer can help you fully engage in conversation. This can work the same way that disassociating does, but you are making friends and building relationships at the same time!
Let me know if these tips work or if you can come up with others that also help. Let's continue our walk together towards a healthy mind and a healthy body.

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