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Social Media is Like Watching the Tortoise & the Hare Race

You won’t want to miss today’s show. My Wednesday co-host, Ken Herron has some big news to share with our listeners. The only hint I’ll give is that it has to do with travel and something free that you will want to take advantage of before it expires!

But on to the topics of the day. If you watch the social media landscape as closely as we do, you have probably noticed that as soon as one site introduces a new feature, it doesn’t take long for another site to follow suit. The battle has historically been between Twitter and Facebook, but now Google+ is in the game. So if you feel like you’re watching the race between the tortoise and the hare, you are right – the only question is – which is which?

Remember us talking about brandjacking? Well yesterday was the epic example of how that works. Did you notice Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft and others on Twitter? If you did then you know they were taking advantage of the media attention Apple was getting for their new phone introduction. Did it work? Tune in and hear our take.

And there’s more. What can small business owners and solopreneurs learn from Breaking Bad? Do you really know how to amplify your brand on LinkedIn? And what are the best ways to outline your SlideShare presentation?