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  1. For the first of these, a of F equals F over 10. The name of the function is a,
  2. the input is the letter capital F, and the output is F over 10. This function
  3. may look a little bit funny because we haven't seen anything in this form
  4. really, or with these letters as variables. But this function does describe
  5. something really important. This describes how the acceleration of an object
  6. depends on the force that's been exerted on the object. Now let's look at the
  7. last function down here. The name of the function is p, the input is the
  8. variable c, and the output is negative 10c squared plus 100c. This looks pretty
  9. reminiscent of the one of the equations we used with Grant where profit depended
  10. on cost, or rather, the price that he charged customers.