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  1. The answer is, it's all of them. When you get a piece of verification code, you
  2. need to find out what is the structure. Where are the different components?
  3. Also you have reusable verification code which means you need to configure it.
  4. Well, how do you configure it? Where do you find the different configuration
  5. options? You also need to extract traffic from verification IP for checking.
  6. Does your verification code you're reuse, reusing; does it have a monitor? Does
  7. it have a port which delivers traffic, or does it not? Also, you need to
  8. control traffic generation. Does the verification code you reuse have
  9. sequences? Or has it got its own implementation? And how do you synchronize
  10. that with your traffic? Also, the verification code might have, may have
  11. coverage. But you have additional goals. So where is the coverage? Where is it
  12. defined? How you, how can you extend it or modify it? And finally, does the
  13. verification code have any debug features, and how are they activated? So, as
  14. you can see, reusing code is complex and there are many questions. In the next
  15. section, I will talk about the hardware development process and what effect it
  16. has on verification. After that, we will talk about the reuse methodology, and
  17. its recommendation on structure and code organization, which will answer all of
  18. these questions.