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  1. Okay so let's tease out some of the details here. What
  2. I'd like to do is assemble a complete record for carrier
  3. and airport for all of the data maintained in this database.
  4. Okay. So what' I'm talking about here is doing the necessary queries
  5. against this site. In this case I would need to do
  6. two queries for each carrier and airport pair. And end up with
  7. a table of data that looks something like this. Now I
  8. may decide to store it as a table or JSON. The format
  9. doesn't matter here. So much is the data wrangling
  10. from the site. Okay. So, for every carrier and airport
  11. in a given month, I want to know both
  12. how many departures and arrivals there were for that airline.