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American Greetings Commercial "Not Alone" #GiveMeaning (ADVERSARIES №45)

★THIS WEEK: American Greetings Commercial "Not Alone" - A card is just a card. But in the right moment, it can mean everything. In the latest American Greetings’ commercial, watch how one everyday card from one friend to another friend who’s struggling to get pregnant can make a supportive impact. #GiveMeaning to what matters.

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ADVERSARIES takes on a manipultive American Greetings Commercial entitled "Not Alone." It's part of the #GiveMeaning campaign and one of many greeting card commercial attempts to pull your heartstrings. This American Greetings ad, and indeed the whole Give Meaning Campaign, or #GiveMeaning Campaign, positions AG for an American Greetings infertility campaign, which is kind of a weird form of American Greetings entertainment. American Greetings (organization) is really just using greeting cards, pregnancy, support, and friendship to sell "thinking of you" cards.