Ep. #193 HTML to PHP in Adobe Muse: Smart 404 Script

Ep. #193 HTML to PHP in Adobe Muse: Smart 404 Script

Here's a free Smart 404.php script to use in conjunction with my Sitemap script. The reason I created these scripts was to help myself, and hopefully others, to find Muse easier and convenient to use. However, you do not need to use Muse to use these. :-)

With this Smart 404.php script, you simply point it to your sitemap, it will take an outdated URL apart piece by piece, scan the sitemap, and it searches for the closest match. That way, if you have a page on your website that has since been changed to a different name or otherwise, and someone uses the wrong URL, the Smart 404 will search the Sitemap for anything similar and that will be the result. Pretty handy. ;-)

Get the free script here http://www.thejohnnyoshow.com/coding-corner.html?t=ep-193-html-to-php-in-adobe-muse-smart-404-script&v=xEsAugjYKa8&p= .

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