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  1. Before we start, this is important. Save your code away for this exercise.
  2. You'll use it as the basis for the next exercise. We don't start the next
  3. exercise with the solution for this one. At this point, you should be using a
  4. text editor for these exercises. I like Notepad ++. Others like SublimeText, and
  5. there's plenty of others out there. By saving code snippets around, you can look
  6. these over in future exercises and see what you did. In this exercise you'll
  7. make a flower, you'll start with this a stem and stamen of a flower with the
  8. single petal part, a comb sort of stuck in the stem. I start you off with this
  9. cone which is a child of the petal which is a child of the flower as a whole.
  10. Your job is to make 24 instances of this petal and form a flower. You'll need to
  11. use rotational [unknown] angles applied in the proper order. And translations.
  12. And you'll need to apply these to the cone object and to the petal object which
  13. is its parent. Note that all the tips of the cones meet in the middle of the
  14. sphere, the stamen.