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On the occasion of the Vice-Chancellor's Hong Kong Alumni and Friends reception, Professor Russell Foster, chair of circadian neuroscience and Head of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology, presents his latest Oxford research into sleep science to the city that never sleeps.

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  1. is your agenda disease an you stick for
  2. population population why individuals
  3. with concern you mention also
  4. these simple what do those individuals
  5. if at all the twenty four cents
  6. every that we've talked about we want to
  7. actually place on among the experimental
  8. fourteen and critically the fundamental
  9. yours if we're going to have genuinely
  10. evidence based approaches to do with
  11. these components we need fundamental
  12. underpinning yours so that's alright if
  13. anyone's interested about this
  14. initiative of please please give me and
  15. the finish any questions
  16. I yeah I
  17. oh it is at least
  18. if it's larger productively but it's
  19. simple if
  20. we should you O. I.
  21. E. I. H.
  22. S. C. S. L. I
  23. I I you know
  24. I see this happen a mess we say
  25. I. O. C.
  26. E. S. difference of
  27. is is company which is okay Josh
  28. oh that some of the like a songwriter
  29. sometimes ha oh I don't know
  30. what will be done showing that there is
  31. a biological previously predisposition
  32. teenagers aged ten to go to the later
  33. imagine like novels it picks it around
  34. about twenty one females about ninety
  35. so I like follow and actually it can
  36. be two hours later the average
  37. so it's a real when I know
  38. there's but I got how this meeting
  39. one presented and don't really
  40. think first rate of the first take
  41. photographs of teenage or so well I
  42. suppose stuff about Tina use a saying
  43. yeah are I don't everyone but alas
  44. example or oh no there but
  45. two pages or Brian doctor says is
  46. cool to make teenagers get oh
  47. I know point I was trying to make is
  48. a two two one is yes it
  49. teenagers three teenage always
  50. that's that's that's nice but it's not
  51. left fault there is a biological
  52. predisposition to get out of it like to
  53. have a knowing that we need to
  54. have that tell you need
  55. not decency coded
  56. before the next day you you school
  57. you have a sense of humor I don't think
  58. that oh you'll have fewer affects
  59. you actually healthier individual in
  60. less false less risk taking
  61. so you need to take some control so not
  62. I don't know what which computers of
  63. television in you bedroom as a place to
  64. sleep though it's cool
  65. that's what you do you take you hands
  66. so I think it's if we adjusted
  67. correctly to that biology and one one of
  68. the more and I should tell you long a
  69. lot lot of data from the actual and
  70. they don't want it is but
  71. I imagine academic performance
  72. maybe more recess midafternoon the
  73. change sort of the the the students went
  74. a a great percent teachers
  75. when I I
  76. talk about the teachers thing should
  77. because is this I don't know what is
  78. best that each month young people I I
  79. I'm sure that it's in the problem is
  80. that there in the morning a really I
  81. think it's half asleep so there is the
  82. control button it often exactly J. the
  83. kids about who so it is difficult
  84. but this will well so well we can
  85. accommodate comedy or are teenagers and
  86. education expense sure but they also
  87. need to responsibility in
  88. what you one of these a great
  89. writers we don't really know because not
  90. all obviously you know the cartoons will
  91. mornings but it looks as though through
  92. those changes is the hormonal changes
  93. and very interesting because there are
  94. people who the boards and actually play
  95. peek in terms of the the tendency to go
  96. to that later it was to get like this
  97. always tend to be like go oh so probably
  98. still voyager and support for that would
  99. be is that in a mass for that it's
  100. just nice to change actually
  101. owns the whole school the change
  102. so it was to through
  103. no information is the time we
  104. get back there and I don't think that's
  105. getting up and going to bed at about the
  106. same time fifty five that's the first
  107. time since they did that and it seems
  108. that I discussion
  109. I know oh so that's all oh
  110. I just a quick question all right is
  111. the federal government I was that
  112. something I was horse power or pregnancy
  113. sleeper most people yeah well they for
  114. a car you know I don't know route
  115. original people terribly question we we
  116. want a yeah I a oh how should
  117. we see well there's a lot of individual
  118. variation but beyond this is selfish
  119. for which is in Philly time during
  120. that if you a long
  121. to get you well yeah and mean that we
  122. can oh you when you don't
  123. have one for you to to see your you know
  124. so many people do is
  125. is speech C. restricted you're what what
  126. we and then over a single weekend
  127. thinking they can can fully compensate
  128. you you see below five minutes
  129. to do is is usually not enough to to
  130. to just so it's it's it's it's what
  131. Christians bits wishy washy because it's
  132. this into about how much if you're in
  133. then you know you're not getting sleep
  134. when should use again that they're just
  135. stand with them or anything it's just
  136. again really very interesting if you ask
  137. more or less credibility yeah
  138. a doesn't work if you you'll
  139. see it's missing to easy yeah
  140. really well you don't also does
  141. your son to impede we'll O.
  142. see how sexy most my friends right
  143. yeah I like it really
  144. selected so so so the the more people
  145. get tired of the weekends was the cost
  146. like people see network interface see
  147. how we weekend's fine so
  148. the the point is this huge variation
  149. just try and be a big to see what your
  150. individual needs are and what is that
  151. say you know this still insecure as
  152. upset to find a biology it gives
  153. us essential need to
  154. see if
  155. I want everything you read a then
  156. series but I I think got all
  157. weather we what we in the wipers
  158. oh I oh
  159. well I oh
  160. oh oh percent model builder that we
  161. are oh oh but but people
  162. to put forward why I list someone
  163. was in some ways a what what function
  164. that we basically by the values really
  165. found a way a
  166. very very well yeah I'm sorry I I'm
  167. I'm essentially there's there's a
  168. gaussian distribution so most of us
  169. would be there in the middle where about
  170. eighty dollars for an adult is but there
  171. will be individuals who will be morning
  172. to see and in fact I often focus is
  173. what you need to do is get sick and
  174. problem that's fine the workforce but is
  175. is really more types of the middle class
  176. and you and you essentially is is the
  177. current workforce if there's one
  178. easier it markets asian markets actually
  179. finding biology to the mountains what I
  180. oh you wanna say I I
  181. I I have sucker problem about
  182. it should be everywhere oh and also yeah
  183. well it's not which yeah we
  184. have right exactly a market there list
  185. that one world yeah okay first of all C.
  186. yeah and and john started like this one
  187. will see if you have problems
  188. secure he's he's he's a oh
  189. a possible affixes the collapse of the
  190. musculature neck oh when you're sleeping
  191. which reason you're restricting the
  192. arrows and of course what happens is
  193. that you're searching sixty eight your
  194. brain realizes big here so
  195. that you know I was forced to
  196. these these most actually so I think but
  197. ah well they take a bit of time to get
  198. used to work well on the second a
  199. about what the question is oh yeah okay
  200. now that's very interesting because in
  201. fact the the first links between mental
  202. illness and see just what in in
  203. depression oh and it was always noted I
  204. think really very interesting that see
  205. abnormalities would prior to the
  206. depressive and it's always been assumed
  207. impose lifted depression it's always
  208. assumed that the depression give rise to
  209. signature to actually think
  210. right so so simple three
  211. see these that's I mean we we
  212. we just starting depression and and I
  213. think again many people into a know
  214. effects started I have what I mean the
  215. device I should also say so
  216. is we were committed by region because
  217. the superstructure precedes the O. B. by
  218. how who how depression whatever
  219. oh what we can do is develop classes
  220. well raised then use mobile technology
  221. so many individuals live in the
  222. community and then this is great
  223. but can look at a large number people
  224. people in the community if you start to
  225. see a animal park one individual say all
  226. there's something wrong here will bring
  227. them in preemptively on small to see and
  228. do that or I'm not pressure
  229. also superintendents dangled relapse
  230. before we last actually so just
  231. we definitely
  232. I think I think you
  233. say yes the thank you you
  234. know if you stay asleep on a very basic
  235. level I got bases there won't see what
  236. was most typical one
  237. was the when you define what constitutes
  238. C. N.s to what extent that can be
  239. by the use of drugs the
  240. oh by conscious through
  241. the relaxation yeah I think it's
  242. extremely important point C. is
  243. incredibly complicated if we do use it
  244. sedative do not part of a mimic see
  245. this and she's state and essentially
  246. what they would do is activated
  247. essentially neurotransmitters that at
  248. all it is switched mow the
  249. grass and and sick as much more dynamic
  250. and so we don't have any agents
  251. that can genuinely maybe well that's
  252. what we have a series of things that the
  253. can G. signature and then once they
  254. twelfth apology knots for sedatives
  255. and the research and so just is happened
  256. because we don't really understand the
  257. biology on it so we just remind see G.
  258. C. actually me what's going on different
  259. stages and it's very nice the
  260. now as I said it's a member solution
  261. short term memory to long to memory
  262. seems to be an important stages three
  263. stages for but but really I
  264. think it's installed the thirty percent
  265. of apology and we have only the crew
  266. just understand all of what's going on
  267. and yet we have to pee and and
  268. with a drop of assumption knocks it out
  269. and it's it's possible I mean I just
  270. don't know which is right I
  271. Ching without question you use a dollar
  272. but do that but I
  273. really a two hour that's part of what is
  274. what astro O. O. you we go C.
  275. a a two is it say so is it still
  276. too particular types see oh
  277. oh oh oh oh yeah I
  278. so I mind Dexter oh
  279. a it's an error a could
  280. one I in one brain
  281. getting that impression that space
  282. I can that basically have one one
  283. one one of I don't things
  284. so so if I if advanced R. T. V. I. is
  285. any clear cases any scientific basis
  286. for that someone but you
  287. wanna come back
  288. I think if one were yes yeah of but in
  289. terms of what I was is that know I think
  290. it's essentially it's interesting
  291. because I'm talking working with
  292. the past few years many some
  293. some two groups and and
  294. many going to sign a standard run
  295. function for house right right so that's
  296. what you went to Utah stories that is
  297. very strongly you just got
  298. percent Chris works inside I think
  299. there was nothing to do with the right
  300. model and of course when you feel that
  301. one is essentially the product of the
  302. your circuitry right that's where
  303. the writing one fish I
  304. think that's what I'm talking about
  305. which just before the
  306. different from the one so
  307. it's clear clear with a you yeah
  308. yeah yeah I
  309. agree here
  310. because I I oh
  311. understand I oh oh oh
  312. more of a seven eight six hours a week
  313. yeah every word X. S. two thousand
  314. so I see somebody back this weekend
  315. yeah what what some suggested
  316. you can partially see there but not
  317. what you what is the real data because
  318. now I'm getting a better understanding
  319. of impact artistic structure we
  320. constructed but it's so much
  321. not easy to holiday party it's so
  322. so what we do do we say and
  323. shift work get cost
  324. is think about mitigating some of the
  325. problems so for example if you feel that
  326. you can you not religiously
  327. but you know what you're going to risk
  328. of cardiovascular disease a to
  329. think about or a some of these other
  330. things then you need to get a
  331. so you you know you have I
  332. oh oh oh okay yeah it does I mean
  333. you get something that would you want
  334. for a really should is develop good
  335. sleep behind she yeah oh
  336. so just so and
  337. how things are pretty good if you have
  338. not adopted overwrought about twenty
  339. minutes then you're functioning second
  340. of the day will be that will be improved
  341. if you go want you it's chances
  342. are you go down to densely and then the
  343. recovery from D. C. is this issue such
  344. Nash any beneficial elements would
  345. be we want Wear however it comes at
  346. the cost because if you have twenty
  347. minute ah then it means that your
  348. ability to go stay late not we just
  349. so so it's it's a complicated
  350. I know what's happening it is that that
  351. pushing back this impression which means
  352. the the alignment of the body o'clock C.
  353. fresh becomes slightly disassociate and
  354. it's a good example of that is standing
  355. before industrialization I mean
  356. essentially the C. S. it a
  357. lot about I times and see
  358. much much better document yeah
  359. ooh oh and one thing that we
  360. shall say prodigy and and and I think
  361. that it's gonna have to some controlling
  362. yesterday and say what you you take
  363. every S. G. you know nothing going
  364. to school up what a rush to be we
  365. we need to the see that's why we have to
  366. go to sleep on G. and and embrace
  367. and take it service should get some
  368. sleep hygiene oh well such
  369. oh oh I oh
  370. oh oh a relationship between oh
  371. man yeah yes oh
  372. I I think the impression that right and
  373. if you do it it gee
  374. that that you know you know information
  375. at all is I you
  376. see all mental illness so
  377. we'll call struck to see all
  378. oh do what we should just
  379. sleep that causes until I think the key
  380. if we have diesel being mentally ill
  381. well oh okay okay
  382. so the assumption is the you was
  383. not the sand and that is not case amount
  384. as well as the rises there's a genetic
  385. predisposition and this many
  386. environmental factors which and
  387. what we don't understand is which genes
  388. genuinely previous you want
  389. environmental factors can exacerbate it
  390. was I suppose was trying to make is
  391. that when you have a G. the disk home
  392. to see mechanisms and then no you
  393. have double whammy because then you're
  394. precipitating a whole set of all of
  395. environmental problems falsely back
  396. then exacerbate the the the the the your
  397. chemistry which which show you into the
  398. into the stage based upon
  399. the genetic environmental on the alright
  400. you practice at the sample and and
  401. what's exciting though I think what is
  402. this the potential all but I identify
  403. have more mostly as one stabilize
  404. that I mean you know people from
  405. development gesture so that's
  406. a that's not a that's studying
  407. this first block of the S. yeah okay
  408. for the best thing to do much protection
  409. I can gentlemen I think you will agree
  410. with me that well absolutely
  411. magnificent fascinating interesting
  412. for all time of but how can I put
  413. it you know at stimulates a net but
  414. also sometimes contradictory of the of
  415. the of the lessons we
  416. will that in our own lives one of the
  417. lessons I learned listing to Russell and
  418. and I just wanted to finish with this
  419. one is that he very much
  420. emphasize the relationship between
  421. the fundamental scientific studies
  422. on the inside and the benefits that
  423. that then brains to our understanding
  424. of health problems and you'll notice
  425. the throughout his total he emphasize
  426. the importance of collaboration his own
  427. work in the fundamental biology asleep
  428. collaboration with clinicians
  429. collaboration with other scientists and
  430. of course it is true that collaboration
  431. that you see the link be made
  432. from fundamental study the benefit
  433. with human society now
  434. in this very much globalized
  435. world that collaboration is
  436. well why am for austin medical
  437. scientists like Russell nowhere is that
  438. more important than yeah I tried
  439. at one of the principal purposes is my
  440. trip to china one that I am suffering
  441. terrible jet lag for sacrificing
  442. my vice chancellor body like these say
  443. for also that one of the principal
  444. purpose is our trip this week
  445. the Hong Kong and division net earlier
  446. in the week is to celebrate the links
  447. between box that medical science and
  448. medical research here in china and Hong
  449. Kong for example that could jewelry
  450. foundation supporting that we read by
  451. one which is leading to a much greater
  452. understand in through every loss
  453. clinical studies for the treatment of
  454. heart disease and stroke Russell
  455. mentioned depression in one of the
  456. questions there is one of the largest
  457. studies in the well on depression in
  458. women being carried out by also
  459. academic name Jonathan plant in
  460. collaboration with a trainee these
  461. clinical scientist here in Hong Kong
  462. and throughout mainland china
  463. understanding the origins of depression
  464. in women and then let me also mention
  465. the catching of course so wonderfully
  466. renown Hong Kong resident and
  467. lee cachet and Oxford university we
  468. have begun a wonderful collaboration on
  469. global health issues all all tropical
  470. Madison and and then diseases in the
  471. developing well so you get a real sense
  472. of the important of all all interaction
  473. among scientists and back interaction
  474. very much being connected and parts
  475. of especially between Boston university
  476. and china and what do we know
  477. is the single most important ingredients
  478. for typos scientific interaction
  479. of course being Oxford university vast
  480. single most important ingredient is
  481. alcohol and and and of course
  482. a well while Russell may happy wagging
  483. his finger access during his whole
  484. let me say that I have see Russell
  485. Nancy how many false but as
  486. I also have high tables participating
  487. in that very special social lubricant
  488. so ladies and gentlemen let's also
  489. all I know Russell
  490. exultation let's us move
  491. to the back end of the room and enjoy
  492. each other's company left us celebrate
  493. Boston university and it's very
  494. very strong links to china but also
  495. be able to well it is done that and
  496. this evening we've had a magnificent
  497. typical example of that in Russell
  498. foster stole as I mentioned earlier you
  499. will be signing copies all
  500. very short introduction justly my
  501. wife and I will need no introduction to
  502. sleep this evening but please would you
  503. all join me in thanking professor
  504. Russell false different absolutely
  505. wonderful