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  1. The first expression would be 2 to the 4th n cubed. I moved the n from the
  2. denominator to the numerator since it has a negative exponent. For this
  3. expression, I move the base of m to the denominator and the base of n to the
  4. numerator. Here, these 2 bases come to the numerator. So aha, I know these two
  5. are equal. This one doesn't match these other expressions, so it's out. For the
  6. second one, the m and the n both move to the numerator with positive exponents,
  7. but the 2 stays in the denominator, because the exponent is a positive 1. This
  8. one would be out, too. For this last one, I have a negative sign in front of the
  9. 2. This is not an exponent, so I just list the negative 2 in the denominator.
  10. The n to the negative 3, however, moves up to the numerator because the exponent
  11. is negative. This doesn't match these, so it's out as well. For the last
  12. problem, the two moves up to the numerator because the exponent is negative as
  13. well as the m. This definitely matches the other expressions. So here are the
  14. three. This was a really tricky quiz, so don't worry if you didn't get it right
  15. on the first try. I really wanted you to focus on negative exponents, negative
  16. numbers, and negative exponents for numbers. We have to keep in mind these
  17. differences when working with problems.