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  1. Even if you saw the activity
    show up in the real time screen,
  2. there's no guarantee, and
    when the accumulated data shows up
  3. from the other parts of the dashboard,
    see, I still have zero users.
  4. When there's very low usage of an app,
    then the data typically shows up for
  5. too long.
  6. While testing my app though,
  7. I found I sometimes needed
    to wait up to 20 minutes.
  8. Not always, but sometimes.
  9. How long does it take for
    your data to show up?
  10. Add a comment in the discussion forum.
  11. If you see the date is showing up in
    the analytics dashboard all is good,
  12. however if you feel you've waited
    too long, review this checklist.
  13. To make sure you set up everything
    correctly to send the data to analytics.
  14. And the one that gets me almost
    every time, is the date range.
  15. So make sure you set date
    range to include today's date,
  16. and then check these other things.
  17. Make sure you're using the correct
    account ID, that's pretty important.
  18. And make sure that you've
    enabled auto activity tracking.
  19. And of course,
    make sure you've wrapped, deployed, and
  20. ran and used the app on your device,
    where you're not going to get any data.
  21. You may find that the data
    shows up faster in some
  22. parts of the dashboard than others.
  23. So I just noticed that in my
    Screens page, which you get to by
  24. going to Behavior and then Screens,
    you see I do have some Screen Views.
  25. And I've got the data on
    which screens were visited.
  26. Finally, my app overview
    does have some data.
  27. You get to see how many
    new users there were.
  28. Only one, not surprising.
  29. I'm the only person who used my app.
  30. How many active users,
    and, in this case,
  31. the active users is
    the same as the new users.
  32. Could see the countries where the users
    were and the devices that they used.
  33. And the user engagement indicates how
    much the user was engaged with the app,
  34. how long the sessions lasted, and how
    many screens they visited per session.
  35. The screen section shows you an overview
    of the screens that were visited and
  36. how many views they each had.
  37. So when your data shows up,
  38. take a look at the sections
    in the app overview page.
  39. And remember, you may find that the data
    shows up faster in some other places,
  40. like the Behavior screens,
  41. the data may show up here before
    it shows up in the Overview.
  42. Anyway, when the data comes in take a
    look at the sections in the App Overview
  43. page, and then answer these questions.
  44. What was the most visited screen?
  45. Go ahead and write your answer in here.
  46. How many visits did it have?
  47. And where are the users?
  48. And then that's it for this short quiz.