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  1. And here are some observations
    that you may have made.
  2. There's no right or wrong answer here.
  3. We just want to get you in the habit
    of identifying things that you do or
  4. don't know in some code.
  5. So you may have noticed that this
    starts with a opening angle bracket,
  6. and then the name of the view.
  7. Ding [SOUND].
  8. And then there's a bunch of attributes.
  9. [SOUND] And
    then a closing angle bracket, boom.
  10. But there is no forward slash,
    that may come later.
  11. You may recognize the values of width
    and height, which means the sides of
  12. the view group will shrink to
    wrap the content inside of it.
  13. Then there's this new attribute
    that you haven't seen before,
  14. android:orientation="vertical".
  15. You may make some connection
  16. with the way that these
    are vertically in a column.
  17. Then there are these
    two TextView elements.
  18. From looking at the attribute text,
    it seems like Guest List is here and
  19. Kunal is here.
  20. Looks like it's a party for one.
  21. Then we have this funny
    group of symbols down here.
  22. You may or may not recognize it from
    earlier, but this is a open angle
  23. bracket, forward slash Linear layout and
    then close angel bracket.
  24. This is the closing tag, and
    this is the opening tag.
  25. You get brownie points if you remembered
    that from the beginning of the lesson.
  26. Cool.
    So let's look at more code examples, and
  27. dig into this more.