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  1. Okay. So now at this point that we exit from the loop, which means that we
  2. encounter the sentinel which is the, marks the end of the, of the sentence.
  3. [CROSSTALK]. >> Are we guaranteed to exit?
  4. >> Well-
  5. >> You know, we'll, w'll have to fix the condition that we identified.
  6. >> But assuming that we, we fixed it,
  7. what happens if last character is not a sentinel?
  8. >> Well, we tell the user, right,
  9. that he should follow, that he should enter sentence, end it with the period.
  10. >> That's right, the user are always right.
  11. >> With their responsibility, right?
  12. You have to take care of all the possibilities here.
  13. >> Well, as you might recall on a keyboard and a computer, the period and
  14. the comma are right next to each other, and
  15. frequently people punch the wrong one.
  16. It's called a slip in, in the cognitive world, and
  17. they put a comma in and then this thing loops forever.
  18. >> I was thinking, in fact, if there was an enda file without a,
  19. without a sentinel at the end.
  20. >> Even better.
  21. >> Yeah, I guess then what we'll get, an exception exit, right, and
  22. catching the exceptions, so.
  23. >> Without printing anything out?
  24. >> Well, you know, the, the user will figure out that they did wrong.
  25. We gave them instructions.
  26. I mean, I don't know.
  27. If we want to account for
  28. all the possible behaviors, sure, I mean, just you know, let's agree to do that.
  29. >> Hey, listen son, this is Aviaonic software we're building here and
  30. that means planes crash if we can't-
  31. >> Sure. >> Characters in a sentence.
  32. >> That's fine.
  33. You've kind of been on my back the whole time, but that's fine.
  34. I mean if, if you think we should account for the, for this thing.
  35. We'll, we'll account for that.
  36. Do you want to mark it down as as a problem?
  37. >> We might send-
  38. >> Crazy Bob, if you don't mind.
  39. >> Maybe we need to send this guy back to the IT department.
  40. >> I think we have read the point.
  41. I think we have read the point.
  42. Doctor Bug gets the point, right Doctor Bug?
  43. >> Yeah. I, I get the point.
  44. Yeah. There's no need to kind of reiterate every time like three or
  45. four times but, anyways.
  46. Okay so where were, was I