Black in Bend: being an extreme minority in suburbia | Anyssa Bohanan | TEDxBend

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Have you ever been the only one who looks like you in a room? Anyssa Bohanan has experienced the feeling on an extreme level, first living as one of the only African Americans in South Korea, and then as one of very few in Central Oregon. Her experiences being an extreme minority both at home and abroad range from amusing to life changing. She hopes that by sharing those experiences she can make the difference for at least one other person feeling the same way.

Local news reporter, Anyssa Bohanan, is a self-proclaimed “Future Oprah.” In fact, she’s been interviewing her teddy bears since she was a toddler and attributes the fact that she can talk to anyone, anywhere, to growing up as an Army Brat. A two-year stint teaching English in South Korea taught Bohanan the true importance of escaping your comfort zone. From navigating the streets of a whole new country, to a journey of self-discovery in unfamiliar territory right here at home, she’s learning that being different doesn’t have to be a bad thing, no matter where you are.

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