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  1. Let's go over the answers
    to these quiz questions.
  2. Each of these lines of code
    creates a string variable and
  3. I wanted to know what is the value
    that goes inside the string variable.
  4. That means we need to evaluate this
    expression which includes string
  5. concatenation.
  6. Part a says, String orderNumber
    = "Order number:" + 23.
  7. The value that gets stored in
    this variable is Order number;23.
  8. Notice that there's no space
    after the semicolon because
  9. the end quote is right
    after the semicolon.
  10. Since this is a string literal
    concatenated with a integer literal,
  11. then the whole thing
    just turns into a string.
  12. For part b, the right-hand side
    of the equal sign evaluates
  13. to the string You were served by Jack.
  14. There's a space here
    because there's a space
  15. right before we have the end quote.
  16. For part c, this string evaluates to
    You are2cups away from a free drink.
  17. The number 2 is an integer literal
    value here because it's not in quotes.
  18. It's just a plain number 2.
  19. Since we have an integer
    concatenated with a string,
  20. it just becomes a string, and all
    these parts are combined together, so
  21. we pretend to squish them together.
  22. And that's why there's
    no spaces right here,
  23. because there's no space after the are
    and there's no space before the cups, so
  24. are2cups is all combined with no spaces.