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  1. When I'm mentoring young entrepreneurs,
    I ask them about money and
  2. their business model.
  3. When I get an answer like,
    we'll throw some ads here and
  4. there, it makes me real sad.
  5. It's the wrong answer.
  6. You must have a solid business
    model in place that will put
  7. your company on the profitable track.
  8. >> So, even if ads are the answer
    to your monetization model,
  9. you need to put a little
    bit more thought into it.
  10. So, let's define what an ad is first.
  11. Basically, it's any public announcement
    of something that someone wants to sell.
  12. On the web we have ads in the form of
    text, image, video or interactive media.
  13. The power of these ads is coming
    from the fact that they are targeted
  14. to site content and our audience.
  15. You make ad spaces, also known as ad
    inventory, available on your site.
  16. Advertisers bid to show their ads on
    your site and the highest bid wins.
  17. Then you get paid when
    users click on the ads.
  18. >> This model works when
    you have lucrative traffic,
  19. meaning you focus on verticals that
    advertisers are interested in.
  20. For example, a finance or an automotive
    site with a lot of users will earn
  21. higher CPMs than a site that
    focus on fish or white elephants.