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  1. As we get deeper in to the Java plugin,
  2. it'll be useful to know where
    to get more information.
  3. The first place to go is the Java quick
    start guide, and the Gradle user guide.
  4. You can find the link in
    the instructor notes.
  5. It has a quick rundown of
    the capabilities of the Java plugin.
  6. And if you need a refresher for
  7. setting up a Java project in the future,
    this would be a great place to go.
  8. For deeper information
    on the Java plugin,
  9. check out the chapter in
    the Gradle user guide.
  10. Here you'll find the information,
  11. all the tasks the Gradle Java
    plugin defines.
  12. There's also a great graph of
    the dependencies between the tasks.
  13. You can also get details on the default
    settings, like project layout and
  14. how to change them.