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  1. I wanted something
    that was engaging
  2. and required analytical thinking
    and problem solving.
  3. Finance was a place where
    I would be able to find that.
  4. My name is Anna
    and I am a second year Analyst
  5. in Corporate Client Banking
    & Specialized Industries
  6. at J.P. Morgan.
  7. I joined J.P. Morgan
    through the Analyst Program
  8. straight out of college. It's a very
    structured program, which I like.
  9. It's a three-year analyst
    program followed by
  10. a three-year associate
    program and then,
  11. wherever your career
    takes you.
  12. In Corporate Client Banking,
  13. we cover middle and
    large corporations.
  14. They're big companies
    doing strategic things
  15. and really growing,
    but they're also
  16. at a stage in their trajectory
    where they really value
  17. having a financial advisor.
  18. What's been most appealing
    and surprising to me
  19. was just how much contact
    I'd have with the clients
  20. and the relationship
    I'd be able to build with them.
  21. I would never have thought
    that the CEO of a company
  22. with almost a billion dollars in
    assets would know me by name.
  23. I wanted to find that
    balance where I was feeling
  24. driven, and motivated
    at work but at the same time
  25. I was able to have
    a life outside the office.
  26. And that's what my job
    really allows me to do.
  27. I live in the East Village
  28. and what's really great
    about the East Village
  29. is that it's so loud
    and so bright, it's fun.
  30. It's not hard to find a place
    where you belong in New York
  31. because there's a
    place for everybody.
  32. My markers have
    become landmarks.
  33. I know that I've gotten
    to the first mile mark
  34. when I get to
    the Manhattan Bridge.
  35. I know I'm at five miles
    when I get to the Statue of Liberty.
  36. And I like exploring
    the city in that way.
  37. If you want to have
    great Mexican food,
  38. I can name you
    seven places.
  39. I think getting to have those
    different culinary experiences
  40. keeps me happy, keeps me
    excited and I think that I can
  41. bring that excitement
    and energy to the office.
  42. The best part of my day
    is those little moments
  43. you get to have
    with your coworkers.
  44. Sometimes you've had
    a busy, hectic day
  45. and there's just
    that little lull
  46. where you get to look across
    at each other and say,
  47. "Wow, we did that today!"
  48. The culture here is
    really a collaborative,
  49. supportive culture.
  50. And everyone is just
    trying to do what's best
  51. for our clients'
    day in, day out.
  52. But, it's not only about
    getting ahead at work,
  53. it's also about getting ahead
    in my life outside of work
  54. and really finding that balance.
  55. I look around sometimes, like,
  56. "Wow, I'm part of the
    number one bank in America!"