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  1. The connection between the virtual and the real one is becoming closer every
  2. day. One aspect that I find particularly exciting is how objects we design in
  3. the virtual world can be made real just a few hours later. Even if you don't own
  4. a 3D printer, you can order 3D printed objects from a business that does. For
  5. example I found this teapot model on the web at Sculpteo, a 3D print service
  6. provider based in France. I previewed it on the website in Web GL, picked out
  7. the material, and ordered it. At that point, there was no physical model, it was
  8. just data on a computer somewhere. A week later, when the real thing arrived
  9. here in California, that honestly amazes me. To learn more about the connection
  10. between 3D graphics and 3D printing. Jessie Harrington Au and I talked about
  11. these topics while at the Autodesk gallery.