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  1. All right so let's clean this up a bit. We've broken FR down into x and y component.
  2. That means we don't need FR anymore, instead, we're going to replace it with FRx,
  3. which points to the right and FRy, which points down.
  4. Let's say, I'll tell you the mass is 10 kg. Can you fill out the rest of these five forces?
  5. We already calculated FRy and x, what's mg? What's the normal force?
  6. What's the force the wall is pushing on the cart with?
  7. Remember the acceleration is equal to zero and one thing to be very careful of is the normal force.
  8. It may not be exactly equal to mg like it was last time.
  9. This is a tricky problem but if you get it right, very impressive. Good luck!