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  1. It is true, that using effects with viewport, means that
  2. your content, is almost always going to be scaled, and not
  3. match the native resolution. And definitely, in some cases, users
  4. are going to have to zoom, to be able to see
  5. or read anything, particularly text. Since, everything, all scaled depending
  6. on the size of the screen, fitting the current layout, precisely,
  7. into the users screen. Whether, it's a four inch phone
  8. or a 12 inch tablet, but actually, your text in UI
  9. will not change at all on the desktop. Because,
  10. currently, at least, none mobile browsers, don't respond to
  11. the view port at all. In some cases of
  12. course, it's the right thing to do, if you
  13. just want to get the UI to fit on the
  14. screen, to use, fix with view port, like in
  15. my sync app, but of course those dials are
  16. awfully small, which makes the UI very hard to use.