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هيثم المالح تم تهريب طل الملوحي من سجن المخابرات Haithem al-Maleh: Tal al-Mallouhi has been smuggled out of prison

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    Mr Haithem al-Maleh, you have heard these statements.
  • 0:05 - 0:08
    To talk politics is to discuss benefits and advantages.
  • 0:08 - 0:18
    What are the practical options available to you other than the proposals you have rejected so far
  • 0:18 - 0:25
    that could, for example. bring about a referral to the International Criminal Court or a UN peace initiative?
  • 0:25 - 0:33
    Do you think this is the best the international community has to offer you after 22 months of violence?
  • 0:35 - 0:42
    I heard Al-Akhdar Ibrahimi's statement, and have previously met with him in Cairo.
  • 0:42 - 0:52
    In Mr Ibrahimi's first interview within Syria, he said that the situation in Syria effects international peace.
  • 0:52 - 0:59
    I had hoped of Mr Al-Akhdar Ibrahimi to present a report to the Security Council,
  • 0:59 - 1:06
    briefing them in detail on the reality in Syria, and to reiterate to them his statement.
  • 1:06 - 1:14
    The words of Al-Akhdar Ibrahimi, the UN envoy to Syria, provide the context for political action on Syria.
  • 1:14 - 1:20
    We would welcome a report from Al-Akhdar Ibrahimi to the Security Council
  • 1:20 - 1:26
    stating that the situation in Syria poses a dangerous threat to the stability of the region
  • 1:26 - 1:35
    and to international peace, making clear the responsibilities of the international community.
  • 1:35 - 1:43
    That said, I assure you, sir, that Al-Akhdar Ibrahimi is not able to land at Damascus International Airport.
  • 1:43 - 1:50
    The airport is curently under siege from all areas, and flight activity has all but ceased.
  • 1:50 - 1:58
    This very moment, I have live intelligence of the exact location where Bashar Al-Assad sleeps at night.
  • 1:58 - 2:03
    The revolutionaries will arrest this criminal and his companions so that they will face justice.
  • 2:03 - 2:09
    That aside, I would like to share with viewers the good news that Tal al-Mallouhi
  • 2:09 - 2:18
    the young woman imprisoned for years for her writings on her blog, has been successfully smuggled
  • 2:18 - 2:24
    from a prison belonging to the government's internal securtiy apparatus.
  • 2:24 - 2:31
    This demonstrates that the regime no longer controls the country, and that they are in retreat.
  • 2:31 - 2:38
    The upper hand lies with the popular revolutionary movement, and with the people on the streets.
  • 2:38 - 2:46
    Victory is near. Indeed, the price the Syrian people have had to pay has been great,
  • 2:46 - 2:53
    the likes of which has not been paid by another people or nation.
  • 2:53 - 3:00
    History will bear witness to the heroics of the Syrian people, and we will strive towards
  • 3:00 - 3:06
    establishing a new nation, a democratic nation... (inaudible)... and civil liberties.
هيثم المالح تم تهريب طل الملوحي من سجن المخابرات Haithem al-Maleh: Tal al-Mallouhi has been smuggled out of prison

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