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  1. ...I'll be sick,
  2. Ohhhh
  3. You turned your back
  4. on tomorrow,
  5. 'cause you forgot yesterday,
  6. I gave you my love to borrow,
  7. but you just gave it away.
  8. You can't expect me to be fine
  9. I don't expect you to care
  10. I know I've said it before,
  11. but
  12. all of our bridges
  13. burned down.
  14. I've wasted my nights,
  15. you turned out the lights.
  16. Now I'm paralyzed,
  17. still stuck in that time
  18. when we called it love.
  19. But even the sun
  20. sets in paradise.
  21. [Drum riff, cymbal crash]
  22. I'm at a pay phone
  23. calling you home,
  24. All of my change
  25. I've spent on you.
  26. Where have the times gone?
  27. Baby it's all wrong.
  28. Where are the plans
  29. we made for two?
  30. If Happy Ever Afters
  31. did exist,
  32. I would still be
  33. holding you like this.