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  1. Alright, so I won't reveal the answer just yet.Let's go through the math. I know
  2. if college cost stay the same, I'd have a 100% of 22,000. That would just be
  3. 22,000. I am going to increase that amount by 4.8%. So I need to find a 104.8%
  4. of the cost of college. Percent means divided by 100, so I move the decimal two
  5. places left. Of means multiply and the cost of college is $22,000. Now I'm going
  6. to multiply these two numbers together and I get $23,056. Hopefully you're
  7. enjoying some education at a little bit less price than that. Alright, nice work
  8. on that quiz. And that concludes our work with decimals and percents. Great job.