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← Etienne Chouard - Conférence des Colibris 30/01/2013 à Paris

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Subtitles translated from French Showing Revision 1 created 11/26/2013 by Mr.BrYcE.

  1. then in addition to being super
    Isabel made ​​a nice transition but

  2. with CNPV to this question the
    democratic that is to say
  3. finally what interested me
  4. in what I heard you say
    many times this is to say that
    finally what interested me
  5. in what I heard you say
    many times this is to say that
  6. and a kind of cause of causes and
    if we can not change
  7. all that maybe there is a
    problem in the way we
  8. organize together
  9. is what you can tell us more
  10. hello to all
  11. it appears that
  12. the collective brain which I participate
    my side for some time
  13. I too am a hummingbird
  14. that is to say, I do what I can
    we do what we can and in this collective brain
  15. is being put in
  16. highlight , to see
  17. a series of ...
    highlight , to see
  18. a series of ...
  19. how to tell lies or
    errors as you want but
  20. good , say error
  21. on significant words
  22. that prevent us from
  23. that prevent us to imagine the
  24. radical solutions that
    no words to take root
  25. it all started ... I must go quickly so I'll go fast ...
  26. it all started in 2005 on the occasion of this
    debate on the anticonstitution
  27. European I call it like this
    Now , I do not know ca
  28. at the time still
    European I call it like this
    Now , I do not know ca
  29. at the time still
  30. I thought it was at the time a
    poor European constitution
  31. because I ... I read in the
    I could see that the text we
  32. not protected but we imprisoned
  33. that this starting point of my reflection
    which woke me what I
  34. transformed into a hummingbird so this adventure then this hazard
  35. m led on the track
    the constitution, the law
  36. I am a lawyer by training so that
    leads me to go naturally
  37. it seems to me that the common point
    all resistant to all those who
  38. brawl against injustice
  39. ecological, but not only that
    can be financial, social, in
  40. the enterprise corruption
    responsible etcaetera
  41. different social injustices I find
  42. activists
  43. resistant
  44. share
  45. their impotence. we
    together, our common cause
  46. even if it feels very different
  47. our common cause is our
    i.e. political impotence that
  48. even if there s apply
    even if we are very very many
  49. millions in the street
  50. we come not to change essentially on
    unable to regain control
  51. of
  52. policy
  53. we come not to regain control
    our decisions
  54. collective
  55. we know very well
  56. by our members just by our
    experts who spend their time
  57. to focus on a subject, become
    very sharp on the very sharp nuclear
  58. the energy
  59. renewable , very sharp on the
    financial disaster , very sharp on
  60. the labor law which we
    need to protect ourselves from
  61. owners et cetera et cetera
  62. even with , thanks to these donors
    alert through these resistant
  63. even with
  64. alternatives for everything you need
    make it better
  65. it seems that we
  66. run into a wall of impotence which
    same for all of us
    it seems that we
  67. run into a wall of impotence which
    same for all of us
  68. and none of us
  69. and this is what I imagine we
    should change
  70. none of us
    and this is what I imagine we
    should change
  71. none of us
  72. n try to understand but
  73. but where it comes from is what it is
    is that it is a law that falls from
  74. heaven this is what political impotence
  75. it is always true that the observed and
    everywhere is observed in all the countries
  76. world
  77. and at all times , peoples
  78. are subject to teachers who decides
    everything for them
  79. they are left in the best
    If the possibility of designating these
  80. masters
  81. by so-called
    falsely universal suffrage
  82. universal suffrage for me is a vote
    ourselves the laws we
  83. consent and therefore there called
    universal suffrage merely
  84. designate our masters
  85. and more from people we do
    not even chosen which are selected by
  86. the richest
  87. those who can afford to buy
  88. TVs and newspapers
  89. our ... in our collective brain we did the week
  90. last correlation
  91. between
  92. the number of hours spent watching TV
    before the elections
  93. the election results
  94. incredible
  95. c is absolutely perfect you have
  96. a curve corresponding
    exactly when you reconcile the
  97. scales
  98. exactly the correlation is perfect
    one to be elected is one who
  99. went on TV
  100. this is not the one who is the most virtuous
    this is not one that is most
  101. brave, this is not one who has the
    best values ​​, who sy splint most
  102. he who seeks the best public interest , who
  103. listens to others and is patient, must stop
  104. ca n has nothing to do with it
  105. one to be elected is one who
    went on TV
  106. So what is important
  107. politics with false universal suffrage is to designate
  108. masters
  109. among those that were not selected
  110. what matters
  111. it has TV
  112. nice
  113. it's called democracy
  114. I I we doing to us
    we see that
  115. have put out on television and we
    Let's learn who we talk to on
  116. Internet and then we'll see
    in meetings
  117. we are us
    see that we got smoke
  118. the word democracy then
    few other words
  120. I call liars and words that are
    the really important words if we the
  121. re appropriate
  122. those we considered utopias
  123. become political projects
  124. they were utopias because they had
    all words upside
  125. and we agreed to use the wrong
  126. example
  127. we call democracy the
    people power
  128. a system in which the people did not
  129. I 'll just make a break
    to vary the
  130. pleasures I'll just give you a
    sentence that I like a lot because
  131. when I discovered that
  132. I discovered that c is thought of as
    this from the beginning this is not a
  133. accident is not a drift is not
    a regime that was good which became
  134. bad
  135. it is a regime that has been designed from
  136. as it is today i.e. a
    diet rich for the rich by
  137. rich
  138. I will read you a quote
  139. Sieyes was a "great thinker of the French Revolution " forgiveness
  140. large
  141. I mean historical
  142. a scoundrel sold, corrupt , which
    has filled the pockets of gold that he
  143. gave Napoleon later I
    not going to argue
  144. but in any case Sieyes is one of the great thinkers
    One of the most important thinkers , not
  145. a second knife
  146. of the French Revolution wrote
    this SMS :
  147. "Citizens
  148. who call themselves representatives waive
  149. and must give
  150. to the law themselves
  151. they have no particular desire
    to impose
  152. s they decided what the wills France
  153. be it more this state
    it would be a state representative
  154. democratic
  155. the people I say , " always said
  156. " in a country that is not
  157. democracy " in September 1789
    therefore ,
  158. " not a democracy " between
    brackets " and not France
  159. be
  160. the people can not speak can not act
  161. that its representatives "
  162. you not tell me that representatives serve
  163. people they know from the start
    very well that they want to
  164. they want to take it to the people they pretend
    to be servants of the people and in fact
  165. they also mastered before
    French revolution j ' have another small
  166. it comes from Voltaire therefore , Voltaire died al time of the French revolution , it just died
  167. with Rousseau ,
  168. and Voltaire had written
    few words, you have as c is
  169. picked
  170. his philosophy is
    same as that will end up with
  171. Sieyes and
  172. designers of our plans and
    current sponsors of our pension
  173. follow the same moral voltaire
  174. voltaire for the moral good of society
    that is organized
  175. where the small number
  176. actually work
  177. the large number
  178. is fed by him
  179. and government
  180. That is the moral of voltaire we
    are supposed to learn at school
  181. as the alpha and omega I
    and I learned as the alpha and omega
  182. of the virtue of tolerance
  183. goodness , progress
  184. democracy
  185. my eye!
  186. voltaire make a good icon
    for arms dealers for
  187. people who are fattened selling
    weapons, voltaire selling weapons
  188. I learned much later ca
  189. Voltaire was a supplier to the armed
  190. I have not developed - what are we
    can etienne
  191. if you had to descend into something
    which is good for us and that we
  192. ca said like we could do
  193. then
  194. it was discovered that in fact
    it reopens the doors. unlike
  195. the
  196. it's true we could read what I
    say but saying ..
  197. though he speaks a lie
    words to practice but to
  198. positively and what we do
  199. attention to what I tell you
    it gives me full
  200. hopes
  201. if I had ... that's right
  202. yes if I had to rely on virtue
    political actors under the
  203. elected today
  204. if you do not now see you
    'll ever site that serve only
  205. banks that do not serve the people;
    serving banks
  206. banks that have elected
    this is normal so do not blame them
  207. they are in their role and returns
  208. to those to whom they owe their power
  209. us they owe nothing
  210. you understand curves, they must
    their power to those who pass
  211. on TV and they s us they tap
    n have nothing to do
  212. voters you understand
    what counts is the transition to
  213. TV
  214. so if I wait
  215. if I wait
  216. these political actors under
  217. I'll wait a long time if I wait
    written by these democracy
  218. folks it never happens
  219. Yet that there are good people in there , there are people
  220. who toil among
    elected people who seek to serve
  221. the general interest I do not say
    they are all rotten
  222. this is not what I say
  223. I ds when they write the
  224. that is to say, when writing the text
    higher I would not have time
  225. develop 'll have to go see the
    net detail but
  226. when they write that top text
  227. that they should fear
  228. to protect us all we
    needs a constitution that is to say
  229. a superior text
  230. that will protect us all tyrants
    tyrants anyone we do not know
  231. but which still good
    constitution it should it should
  232. be
  233. if it is us who wrote it
    should protect us against tyrants
  234. tyrants
  235. all
  236. or is it that the text we
    let write
  237. idiots we are
  238. Finally, we are unaware
  239. not yet awakened us
    we let write
  240. constitution
  241. by the very people who ought to fear
  242. I think everything is there
  243. it is not antagonistic with this
    I heard tonight is
  244. I think the additional
    Best resistant need
  245. integrate
  246. their software into
  247. in that in addition to having detected
  248. monetary scuttling more
    have spotted scuttling
  249. energy
  250. besides having spotted scuttling
    in our education
  251. etcaetera besides having spotted
    each each social injustices
  252. their causes and solutions
  253. should we re- appropriating the
    constituent process it takes more than
  254. they are the professionals
  255. people we need
  256. but which should not write
    constitution requires more than it is they who
  257. in the process are then constituting
    how to practice
  258. must you first that we
    very many have understood
  259. it is there that plays our
    Impotence is when when we
  260. accept a professional
  261. write the text that should be feared
    to protect myself in addition to its
  262. potential abuse of power
  263. so when I give here
  264. I realize and possible future
    very predictable
  265. political impotence
  266. when I spotted this place where I
  267. among all causes of my
    helplessness I spotted a cause
  268. important . Hippocrates was a physician
  269. we
    said to look for the cause of causes
  270. because when you are sick it is
    nothing to attack symptoms
  271. we must seek the cause of
    disease when we found the cause and
  272. that is attacking the cause
  273. it solves the problem it's the same
    to us
  274. if one takes the waste
    or poor
  275. nuclear decision and that they say
  276. this is very bad nuclear decision
    you can protest all you want
  277. but it is not at all the cause is
    a consequence
  278. I think if we take the problem
    if each of us
  279. trying to trace the cause of
    our powerlessness despite the need for
  280. is given the efforts that it arrives
    not to change things
  281. we will all converge to a point
    is the same that is
  282. instituting organize our first
    power by writing ourselves the
  283. constitution then be played after
  284. écrivonsd'abord , we regroup
    on , it has two advantages
  285. 1 . d we first met we stop
    arguing they found a common cause
  286. and 2 . instead a consequence of c is
    cause it is smarter
  287. we will be more effective by in
    taking a case to a
  288. result
  289. on one stone two birds with more
    it becomes millions fight
  290. a common thing
  291. instituting our first power on
    is bagarrera on details
  292. about what we do
  293. how are we doing so far
    if you do a referendum in the street
  294. it will not work most people
  295. good will say if you ask them questions
    we need a Constituent Assembly
  296. elected
  297. so it's normal they are told
    ca all day to
  298. TV on the radio we repeat the
    democracy is the election and the election
  299. this is democracy I hurry
  300. I'm sorry I can hold seven
    hours then really I must be careful
  301. I must get to keep
    just the best and most important
  302. but the most important is that
  303. for that to happen to it
    happens that we become a
  304. constituent people is to say
    establishing our power instead of
  305. leave establish our powerlessness
  306. of political professionals was
    no need for professionals
  307. policy
  308. to make it happen we need
  309. for that we want we need to be
    form us
  310. these jokes popular education which
    we need
  311. it is useless to expect you understand
    whether elected officials who shape us
  312. media form we
    professionals of this that it is
  313. nothing
  314. it is up to us to form between
  315. the base is expecting nothing of our
  316. you basically happens when the word
    out there waiting there something that
  317. The important thing is that the next
    Constituent Assembly
  318. it should not be elected
  319. it must be raffled
    or that
  320. s there who are afraid of the draw
    but hey we could discuss the
  321. fears that it makes you none is
    founded the draw
  322. with controls that go with
  323. has any power for us
    protect against abuse of power
  324. more protective than the election
  325. and illusory confidence that
    not work 200 years of experience
  326. election
  327. n ' gave the power, since
  328. 200 years of elections have always given
    power to the rich! there is a
  329. or two exceptions , nothing whatever
  330. always power to the rich while
    200 years raffle to
  331. athens I do not have time to develop but
    it is that which has 200 years of drawing
  332. lot in Athens - hopefully tonight
    anyway - 200 years raffle
  333. it is the poor who ruled without
    stop for 200 years but I it
  334. I did that moves this thing
    that these are facts
  335. I say but how long
  336. if the draw empowers
    poor poor us c is c is 99 % if
  337. the draw controlled
    lce is not drawn to
  338. vote the law is that we vote the
    the law drawn we make
  339. services needed
  340. if the draw political
  341. retains the power to the people and gives
    power to the people
  342. and if the election empowers
    rich conbien time yet
  343. 99% we will defend this false
    universal suffrage as the alpha and
  344. omega of how our freedom
  345. that is the question
  346. the last word
  347. we should actually I am
    discovering , I'm good
  348. conferences for a year or two years
  349. I meet a lot of people I don not stop to
    progress but
  350. I also discovered that
  351. there is something that works better than the
    conference is the workshop component
  352. tomorrow not tomorrow but I actually with a
    masters ignorant paris
  353. and I actually another in
    Vercors Saturday
  354. it's great that thing what we do
    we get together we can be 10
  355. be 20 can be 2 or 3
  356. and we will talk about
    we will set up
  357. our social contract we will we will
  358. that it is possible
  359. for example what we lack the
    popular initiative referendum
  360. yeah it's true that it holds in
    three lines and it suffices to
  361. write
  362. and you can even prick countries
  363. and then when we fall into the country
    neighbor we look at how he did it
  364. they say it's not bad but still it
    put first paragraph referendum
  365. popular initiative
  366. second paragraph except
  367. with the exception of taxes ( like why did they put the taxes ) and al exception of treaties
  368. it's not complicated if you do that
  369. you turn into action what the
    departure is the idea must go
  370. a sentence and you'll see that it anchor
  371. in you the idea that it is possible and
    it is much better
  372. people whose job it is not
    may very well written good
  373. constitution
  374. people that this is not the
    trade may well write
  375. a constitution and because it is not their
    business they write very good
  376. constitution for everyone
  377. - Voila - thank you !
  378. we will stop