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  1. My name is Thois Wanma, I am from Papua.
    Papuan Voices, Sorong Region.
  2. My name is Immanuel. I am from
    Papuan Voices in Keerom.
  3. What is Papuan Voices?
  4. Papuan Voices is a community of
    documentary film-makers in Papua
  5. Who feature the culture, social life,
    environment, among other issues in Papua.
  6. Papuan Voices usually produces
    short documentary films.
  7. What issues are being raised
    by the community?
  8. Our films discuss issues like
    local economy and women's rights
  9. among others.
  10. Our films feature our existing struggles
  11. Which can be informative to other
    Papuans across the regions.
  12. For example, making films on Merauke
    can be informative to friends in Sorong.
  13. Because most Papuans don't know
    what's happening in the other districts.
  14. It can tell how people in Sorong
    address environmental issues
  15. or, that a large-scale plantation
    investment in Merauke has started.
  16. Watching the films, at least people
    in Sorong or Manokwari would know
  17. Tell me about the other
    initiatives of PV.
  18. We screen the produced films on campuses
    usually in dormitories in Jayapura
  19. Papuan Voices communities in other
    regions also have screenings & discussions
  20. That's what Papuan Voices does.
  21. How about the social conditions in Papua?
  22. We do talk about the conditions in Papua.
    There are numerous problems.
  23. Such as livelihood & women's rights
    This year, there are new challenges
  24. Through PV films, these problems are
    featured and discussed among the audience
  25. Our films are produced to discuss,
    respond, and solve these issues.
  26. There are bigger issues
    in our society
  27. For one, there are large investments
    on oil palm plantations coming in
  28. The native people in the area do not know
    What a palm oil company is & what it does
  29. What usually are the problems
    faced by the PV Community?
  30. The use of other languages
    affects film production.
  31. For example, the film I made in Mayalibit
    Bay featuring the native tribe of Maya.
  32. During filming, they spoke
    in their native language.
  33. So we faced difficulties in shooting
    and editing.
  34. Because I did not understand
    what they were talking about.
  35. So, we had to find people to translate it
    into Indonesian and English.
  36. I also traveled from the Keerom Regency
    and that was a long journey.
  37. Shorter distances can also be longer,
    and local transport is expensive.
  38. Why are you interested in Papuan Voices?
  39. I am interested in PV because of
    my concerns for my fellow Papuans.
  40. Papua is still lagging behind, so I want to
    share stories with people outside the region
  41. Who think that Papua is rich in gold and
    other minerals. It is not like that.
  42. When I went to see by myself, Papuans were
    still left behind, with many problems.
  43. That made me feel sad,
    That's why I want to tell other people
  44. That Papua does not need anything from
    the government, except love and care.
  45. I am interested in PV because I think
    I know how to solve these problems
  46. problems that persisted for long; and as
    a young Papuan, I want to do what I can.
  47. So when EngageMedia started the training
    to help set up PV, it really helped me, too.
  48. We produce films with a purpose,
    to be watched and understood by people.