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IGF 2014 Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values

Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values meeting at Internet Governance Forum 2014 in Istanbul.

The session brought together Representatives from two Civil Society Organizations, two Business Corporations, two Governments, two Technical Organizations and two Universities.


Dr Vint Cerf ​ (ARIN)​
Sivasubramanian M, (Internet Society India Chennai)
Baroness Rennie Fritchie DBE (Nominet)
Amy Stepenovich (Access Now)
David Cake ( Electronic Frontiers Australia )
Lawrence E Strickling (NTIA)
Paul Wilson (APNIC)
Dr. Steve Crocker ( ICANN )
Adam Peake. (Academic Community )
Desiree Miloshevic, Internet Society

CHAIR: Dr Olivier Crepin-LeBlond ​ (ICANN At-Large)​

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