Krystian Aparta: How We Track Terms Down

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A run-through of a presentation given at the Open Translation Project workshop at TEDGlobal. Get the presentation (PPT) at:
I talk about why it's important to track down terms when translating, based on a term that I found in the Polish translation of Janna Levin's TED Talk entitled "The Sound the Universe Makes." You can watch the talk (and take a look at the translation) at

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SLIDE 2: mouse (animal) -- Salssa mouse (computer) -- Mustafa Kilic
SLIDE 3: mouse (animal) -- Bas van de Wiel mouse (computer) -- Alen Stojanac
SLIDE 4: the Great Wall -- Webnut Shen the great wall -- Maciej Nitka
SLIDE 5: background -- Svilen Milev
SLIDE 6, 7: Janna Levin, "The sound the universe makes"
SLIDE 9, 12, 14 -- NASA/ESA/STScI
SLIDE 10: Yassine Mrabet
SLIDE 13: lane -- Library of Congress, LOT 13407, no. 025 torus -- Endolith
SLIDE 16: text and images by Paul J Shulte
SLIDE 17: background -- Richard Styles