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  1. All right, you're done.
  2. I'll show you what I did.
  3. All right, so the first thing we did
    was update our list item forecast
  4. to have left and right extra padding.
  5. We added a dimension file for
    sw600dp portrait.
  6. Note, we can have I've really,
    really wide padding there,
  7. because remember tablets
    are just huge in that direction.
  8. SW720dp is even wider, but
  9. we're not actually going to
    increase the padding at all.
  10. So we also took the grid layout
    of the fragment detail and
  11. moved it as a detail extras grid.
  12. That's pretty easy because well,
    we just literally moved it.
  13. All we needed to do was make sure that
    we added these name spaces in correctly.
  14. Under Refs, we've now created this
    fragment detail start layout reference,
  15. which is pretty cool.
  16. We've created it for
    every single size and orientation.
  17. It's always pointing to the right one.
  18. Now we use this layout inside a detail
    fragment rather than referencing
  19. the layout by name.