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  1. They end up in the penitentiary, man.
    They end up on Rikers Island.
  2. They end up through the system.
    That's what happens to 'em.
  3. The ones that don't wanna go to school,
    wanna sell drugs.
  4. That's where they end up, man.
    I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.
  5. In the hood, in the ghetto.
  6. The only thing stop you in America,
  7. the only thing stopping you
    from making it, is your own self.
  8. - No one else stop you from going with it.
    - I like that. I like that.
  9. But that's it. The only thing stops you
    is yourself. Anything you wanna name.
  10. - You can't blame the system.
    - You can't blame anyone.
  11. (both) You blame yourself.
  12. I think most of the problems
    with our educational system
  13. are cultural, quite frankly.
  14. And everyone is afraid to use
    the "C" word. Culture.
  15. Because everyone says, "Oh that's racist."
  16. The school is good. It's the kids.
    That's basically what make it look bad.
  17. What are we giving them to make them
    want to get up in the morning
  18. and feel jubilant 'cause
    "I'm going to school"?
  19. What are we giving them?
  20. In one city, you can have just garbage
    schools up in our neighborhood.
  21. And then down there, amazing schools.
  22. And you can't tell me
    that's not race based.
  23. The finger is always being pointed--
    "Oh, it's the student's fault",
  24. "Oh, it's the parents' fault",
    "Oh, it's the teacher's fault".
  25. It's you. It's not you, you, you.
  26. You can't blame the system,
    you can't blame the school.
  27. It's if you go, and you wanna learn,
    you learn.
  28. If my school had been better,
  29. then I believe that I wouldn't have been
    on the streets today
  30. talking to you, nice people.
  31. They're not taking it serious,
    we would take it serious
  32. we are the one who is going for it.
  33. Everybody sure is to blame,
    from the parents,
  34. on to the administrators of the school.
  35. Well, it takes a village to raise
    a child, so...