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  1. How did we search before we had computers?
  2. [Mark Weber:] People with clay tablets, which have writing on them, would sometimes have
  3. cross-references to other clay tablets.
  4. That's kind of the origin of Bing.
  5. Telegraphy--you could send in a query, like to a search engine, as a telegram
  6. and get it back by post.
  7. There were a lot of people that were thinking about how to use technology to search.
  8. The search engine is basically where you're looking through every word in every document
  9. that might be up on the web that's accessible to find a match.
  10. It's really just the same as if you went into a library ad you spent, in this case,
  11. it would take days to sit there and go through every page of book,
  12. looking for all the occurrences of--I don't know--the word "aardvark."
  13. Obviously, that's something that's really painful to do in the real world,
  14. but powerful computers can make that so fast
  15. that it actually becomes a reasonable way to search for information.