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  1. We know that acceleration is somehow special,
  2. but how is acceleration special?
  3. Let's think of a cart, and we want to accelerate this cart.
  4. Accelerating it would make us happy.
  5. If we want to design an experiment to test what factors affect acceleration--let's think.
  6. When I push this cart what factors will control at what rate it accelerates?
  7. Does it matter how hard I push?
  8. Does it matter what material the cart is made of?
  9. Does the mass of the cart matter?
  10. Will a heavier cart maybe accelerate at a different rate?
  11. Does the color of the cart matter?
  12. Will a red paint job make the cart accelerate faster?
  13. To get you thinking about this, I want you to choose all that you think apply.
  14. When you see the answer, you maybe surprised
  15. at whether or not it matches with your intuition.