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  1. And the answer is no.
  2. If it's not windy,
  3. then all the remaining points, they go on this branch over here, our negative.
  4. So you could say for no the answer is a big red x.
  5. In the case of yes however,
  6. we have to ask another question, and this question is whether it's sunny.
  7. There's two outcomes as before yes and no.
  8. Course I'm cleverly select the threshold that I'd say is right over here.
  9. And if you answer this with yes we asked if you answer it with no.
  10. You get the red x.
  11. So this thing over here is called the decision tree.
  12. And what decision tree learning does in machine learning is it
  13. takes data like that, and finds something like this, that can help you
  14. classify future data using this very simple data structure called the tree.