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  1. You've now gotten everything you need to
    get started with building Android apps
  2. that use Google Services.
  3. The API's that you've installed, give
    you access to all of this functionality.
  4. And they give it to you
    in a consistent way.
  5. Remember that Google API client that
    you saw for accessing your location?
  6. It's the same object, and very similar
    code to what you'd use to access Google+
  7. or Maps or Wallet or Drive.
  8. You can learn these in
    any order you like.
  9. But the most important thing is
    to get started and to get coding.
  10. So, you'll see just how easily you
    can harness all this goodness.
  11. You should go and
    take the location module first,
  12. because many of the concepts you'll
    need for the others are covered there.
  13. Let's go.