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  1. So let's start with a warm-up activity to create
  2. concepts for more, and less. We'll actually use these later
  3. as they're central to the conceptual model of the
  4. Time Bank. With the Time Bank, when we do tasks
  5. for someone, we get more time in our account.
  6. And after someone does a task for us, when we
  7. pay them, we get less time in our account. So
  8. lets follow along with the students. So we're going to do
  9. a very quick exercise. Get a new big piece of paper. Some of the things you need
  10. to communicate in your wallet are conceptual models of more or less.
  11. All right, so we're going to take a few minutes and you're going to do ten
  12. conceptual models of how you can show, how you can depict more or less/