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  1. Next, we have disorganized speech, which is sometimes called word salad,
  2. because of the way the words are arranged. Meaning that the speech of a person
  3. with schizophrenia often involves grammatical rules, but the content makes
  4. little sense. Therefore, it's difficult or hard to understand what the person
  5. is saying. Their sentences make little sense. Also, topics of conversations can
  6. change with little or no connection between the sentences. And finally, speech
  7. may be completely incomprehensible. Let's give an example of what we mean by
  8. disorganized speech, or as we said, some people refer to as word salad. In the
  9. following example, a woman who believes she was the only female professor at
  10. the University of Smithsonian, in England, now mind you, there's no such place,
  11. uses words to produce a word salad. So let's try to go through this. Take a
  12. moment and see if you can read it out loud clearly.