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Katie Melua in duet with Vilde "The Closest Thing to Crazy"
Kvelden er din

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  1. By Saint Atique
  2. How can I think I'm standing strong,
  3. Yet feel the air beneath my feet?
  4. How can happiness feel so wrong?
  5. How can misery feel so sweet?
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Kvelden
  7. How can you let me watch you sleep,
  8. Then break my dreams the way you do?
  9. How can I have got in so deep?
  10. Why did I fall in love with you?
  11. This is the closest thing to crazy I have ever been
  12. Feeling twenty-two, acting seventeen,
  13. This is the nearest thing to crazy I have ever known,
  14. I was never crazy on my own...
  15. And now I know that there's a link between the two,
  16. Being close to craziness and being close to you.
  17. and being close to you
  18. and being close to you.
  19. Kveldon, Katie
  20. Need your help regarding translating this
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