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  1. [Opening musical notes play]
  2. [Tape begins] Oh, say can you see
  3. by the dawn's early light?
  4. What so proudly we hail
  5. at the twilight's last gleaming?
  6. Whose broad stripes
  7. and bright stars,
  8. through the perilous fight,
  9. o'er the ramparts
  10. we watched,
  11. were so gallantly
  12. streaming?
  13. And the rocket's red glare!
  14. The bombs bursting in air!
  15. Gave proof
  16. through the night
  17. that our flag was still there.
  18. O, say,
  19. does that star-spangled
  20. banner yet wave?
  21. O'er the land of the free,
  22. and the home of the
  23. brave?
  24. [Audience applause]