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  1. This frontiers course
    is slightly different
  2. from many of the other courses
    that might have experienced.
  3. Here, we are not presenting a scientific
    story that is completely worked out.
  4. We don't know in concrete terms
    how life began,
  5. either as a specific story
    about our own evolutionary history,
  6. or as a general theory
    of how life could start.
  7. The field - as it stands -
    is a collection of ideas,
  8. specific proposals and techniques
    that are thought to be ingredients
  9. for a specific or general theory
    of life's origin.
  10. As such, many of these ideas
    and techniques
  11. are still rapidly evolving.
  12. In this course,
    we don't have a well-developed,
  13. general theory to take you through
    that mirrors,
  14. for example, general relativity
    or thermodynamics.
  15. Nor do we have a particular history
    to tell you
  16. about exactly how life began and evolved.
  17. This course reflects the field
    in that we will present a wide variety
  18. of techniques and ideas
    that should be seen as tools
  19. for those interested in understanding
  20. where origins of life research
    currently stands,
  21. or in using and combining those tools
    to pursue new research directions.
  22. Here, we aim to provide you
    with an overview
  23. of the diverse ways of thinking
    that must come together to understand
  24. both the specifics and generalities
    of the origins of life.