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Amp Up Your Social Media Marketing with Cool Tools


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I have been researching and testing for quite a while and have assembled an amazing list of social media tools that you should consider if you want to improve your marketing effectiveness. Let me tease with you with a few sites that you may be familiar with and I suspect several that you haven’t even heard of – Lucky Orange is used to monitor and interact with your blog visitors. Twitonomy is a stealth way of analyzing what your competitors are doing on Twitter. Maybe you should try ClickToTweet to encourage more tweeting. Ever have trouble re-sizing photos so they fit and don’t take forever to load? Try! Want to find blogs in a specific niche and are you tired of searching only to find the same sites over and over? Then you need Inkybee. How often do you go back to old blog posts to check for broken links? Then you need BrokenLinkChecker and it is free! And here’s an important one – OpenSiteExplorer allows you to check your domain or page authority as well as the authority of a few of your competitors. Would you like to have an easy way to add text to your photos? Then PicMonkey is worth a look. And an oldie but goodie is SocialOomph – a cool way to recycle evergreen posts so they are not lost forever in the archives! And if we have time, there are even more to share.