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  1. George Gamow was a pioneer of the genetic code.
  2. After James Watson and Francis Crick accurately published the structure
  3. of DNA in 1953. Gamow was one of the
  4. leading scientists trying to crack the genetic code, and figure
  5. out how to translate it into protein. Now Gamow
  6. had correctly calculated that three nucleotides was enough to code
  7. for all 20 amino acids, and then some. But the
  8. real question was whether or not the genetic code was
  9. overlapping or not. In other words, Gamow favored a
  10. model where a sequence of letters in RNA would
  11. be read in sets of three. But after reading
  12. the first triplet, the second triplet began with the second
  13. letter of the first triplet. And so on. Now
  14. this was referred to as the overlapping model because each
  15. codon overlapped with another. An alternative model suggested that
  16. there was no overlap and one triplet was read right
  17. after another triplet and so on. So of these models, which
  18. one do you think would be the most efficient for information storage?