Femmes Want Revolution

Femmes Want Revolution

We were told that girls just wanna have fun. Songwriter/Director Allison Stelly thinks we can demand more than that. Joined by Director Simone Jude and Producer/Director Haley K. Jude for a collaborative, glitterfied, revolutionary romp.

Directed by Allison Stelly and Haley K. Jude
Director of Photography - Simone Jude
Editor - Haley K. Jude
Second Camera - Lydia Daniller
Assistant Camera - Florencia Manovil
Lyrics to Femmes Want Revolution - Allison Stelly
Vocals - Allison Stelly, Alex Lannon, Noelle XX
Sound recording & engineering - Noelle XX
Production Assistant - Amy Gilgan
Props - Allison Stelly

Annie Danger
Blyth Barnow
Celeste Chan
Cherry Poppins
Ellie Krnich
Emma Dilemma
Florencia Manovil
Haley K. Jude
Indi McCasey 
Jolie Harris
Kentucky Fried Woman
Lance ArmStar 
Lazy Lee
Lola Dean
Meredith Fenton
Mia Tu Mutch
mirae bouyssou
Moxxxie Heart
Nefarious Vulvaleen
Pidgeon Von Tramp
Ri Molnar
Sophie Spinelle
Sugarbush Lane

Made possible in part by contributions from Shameless Studios (www.shamelessphoto.com), Maura Finkelstein, Sophie Spinelle, Ann Valiant, and Jen Valles. Special thanks to Cyndi Lauper for the inspiration.

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